Crab noodles with figs: A favourite afternoon supper for locals in Nam Dinh

Update: 16:26 | 05/02/2023

‘Bun sung’, literally meaning “fig noodle”, is a favourite afternoon supper of local people in the northern province of Nam Dinh.

The dish is crab noodle soup, which is perfect for an after-lunch meal. Crab noodles are popular all over the country, but Nam Dinh is perhaps the only place that adds pickled fig as an important element, that supersedes the crab.

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Crab noodles with figs: A favourite afternoon supper for locals in Nam Dinh.

Besides the sweet crab extracts in the bowl of noodles and the crunchy fried pork fat, the sour pickled fig slices added a strong, fresh difference that we enjoyed.

The fresh figs are bought from a nearby stall in the market, sliced and soaked in water. Some customers just have the fresh figs, some choose to season the fig by dipping it in vinegar, chilli and salt.

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Source: VnExpress

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