Fried spring rolls with clam worms: A delicacy that warms people in early winter

Update: 18:46 | 26/12/2021

Fried spring rolls with clam worms are a delicacy made from ‘ruoi’, a worm that lives in the silt of coastal fields.

Like in a traditional spring roll, clam worms are added inside the rice pancake along with minced pork, vermicelli, onion, egg and some chopped peels of tangerine.

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Fried spring rolls with clam worms: A delicacy that warms people in early winter.

The spring roll is then fried on a medium fire until it is light brown and the inside is cooked well.

The spring roll should have a mouth-watering smell with unforgettable taste.

When served hot the dish warms people in the cool weather of early winter with lots of nutrition.

In Eastern medicine, clam worm contains lots of calcium, phosphorous, iron and zinc, which can help patients with weak digestion and blood pressure.

Fried rolls of pork and clam worms wrapped inside piper lolot leaves, is another dish that Hanoians often make. Fried rolls in piper lolot leaves is simpler to make than the spring roll wrapped in a rice pancake and is more suitable for a weekday meal.

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Source: NDO

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