Le Monde newspaper: Vietnamese ‘banh mi’ is formidable rival of American burger

Update: 16:52 | 08/11/2021

As a simple, relatively balanced, cheap and, above all, tasty treat, the Vietnamese ‘banh mi’ (sandwich) is a ‘formidable rival’ of the American burger.

The French leading daily, Le Monde, has published an article praising the delicious taste of Vietnamese ‘banh mi’.

Le Monde newspaper, Vietnamese banh mi, formidable rival, American burger, delicious taste,  nutritional value

Le Monde newspaper's article highlighting Vietnamese 'banh mi'.

Titled “Can banh mi replace the burger?”, the article highlighted that everyone immediately wants to take a bite of it. The newspaper also introduced readers to a brioche bread cut in half and mixed with cooked meat, spices and raw vegetables.

According to the article’s writer, Vietnamese ‘banh mi’ is also a type of sandwich, but comes in a different shape. The traditional recipe’s fillings made from pork belly (sometimes grilled, sometimes dried or steamed), chicken cooked with lemongrass and minced pork meatballs.

‘Banh mi dac biet’ offers diners an especially wide range of flavours, with cha lua (Vietnamese pork sausage), pork pâté and rolled pork belly.

The significant serving of vegetables, such as carrot, cucumber and white radish marinated in vinegar, also makes the nutritional value of banh mi relatively acceptable.

At the end, the writer assessed that Vietnamese people all around the world have not ever stopped reinventing this attractive dish, contributing to the richness and character of Vietnamese cuisine.

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