Raw fish fermented with maize powder: A mouthwatering dish in Vinh Phuc province

Update: 16:00 | 15/08/2021

Lap Thach raw fish fermented with maize powder is a specialty in Van Quan commune, Lap Thach district, northern Vinh Phuc province.

Ingredients include raw fish (often snakeheads, barbs and rohus), maize, roasted soy beans, salt and guava leaves.

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Raw fish fermented with maize powder: A mouthwatering dish in Vinh Phuc province.

Firstly, the fish is carefully prepared and seasoned with salt. The salted fish are put in a jar for four to ten days.

They are then squeezed until dry, stuffed and covered with a powder of maize and roasted soy beans. In the meantime, a clean dry crockery pot and guava leaves are prepared.

Afterwards, they are placed in the pot with the guava leaves separating layers of the fish. Before sealing the pot, locals often stuff in a layer of straws.

The fish should be unsealed after three to six months. Then they are cut into thin pieces, grilled and wrapped in rice paper with lime leaves, herbs and cabbage. They are best served with fermented soybean dipping sauce.

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Source: VNA

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