“Thit kho” (Caramelised Pork Belly)

Update: 11:17 | 02/08/2021

We also know that meat contains a number of important nutrients that are needed by our bodies for carrying out vital metabolic functions and provide us with energy and keep us healthy. Therefore, meat is one of the most popular food in our diets.

Meat has various kinds and for “thit kho” (simmered meat) we also have a wide range of choices like pork, beef, chicken, duck. We can make a numerously delicious dishes from them, such as "thit kho tau” (meat simmered in a clay pot), “thit kho dua” ( meat simmered with coconuts), “thit bo kho hat dua” (beef stewed with seeds of water-melon), “gio heo kho dua” ( pork-pie braised with coconuts) or “ga kho chao”. 

Although there are a large number of dishes related to "thit kho”, the methods of cooking are similar. To be specified, the process of making “thit kho tau” will be introduced on the following.

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“Thit kho tau”is really gorgeous.

First of all, we need to prepare ingredients: sugar, pepper, red chilli, a coconut, salt, garlic, onion, “keo dang” and lean pork. Pork is washed carefully and then cut into small square pieces, marinated with pepper, sugar and salt for two hours. While we boil a pot filled with coconut juice. 

After that, we put pork into boiled coconut juice, maintain low level of fire and ensure the level of coconut juice, if it dries, we pour a little water into the pot. When the meat change colour, we add “keo dang” to the pot. And we simmer the pot until sauce is thick and coats meat.

“Thit kho tau” is really gorgeous and can be served with various kinds of food but especially suitable for using with steamed rice.

In general, making “kho” dish is not difficult but requires our patience. Because no oil needs to be added with this cooking technique, food cooked in this method may be lower in fat compared with food prepared by other methods such as sautéing or frying. And unlike boiling, nutrients are not leached out into the water. The food is not only delicious but also good for our health.

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