Son Dong improves attraction to Tay Yen Tu

Update: 09:33 | 14/02/2022

(BGO) – In spite of the incompletion stage, Tay Yen Tu spiritual and ecotourism complex (Tay Yen Tu) has been popular destination for many visitors in and outside Bac Giang province. It is considered as “a hit” to the tourism sector in Son Dong district.

Attractive destination for numerous visitors

The statistic of Tay Yen Tu Service Joint Stock Company proved that from lunar January 2 – 9, nearly 30,000 tourist arrivals flocked to Tay Yen Tu. Notably, some 14,000 people visited this site on the lunar January 4.

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Visitors at Tay Yen Tu spiritual and ecotourism complex.

All were impressed by the space, infrastructure of the central square, Ha and Thuong pagodas. Many tourists felt excited at their first trip to Dong pagoda from the Western side of Yen Tu Mountain.

To restore, preserve and promote the historical, cultural value, the natural landscape of Tay Yen Tu in associated with developing sustainable tourism and local socio-economic growth, in 2014, the provincial People’s Committee planned and built Tay Yen Tu.

So far, major items of Ha and Thuong pagoda as well as the central square have been basically completed with smooth traffic, hence facilitating visitors to this land.

In the first operation year 2019, the complex welcomed 150,000 tourist arrivals. Later on, amid the complicated development of Covid-19 pandemic, the site was closed down most of the time for disease prevention and control. However, about 50 – 75,000 people visited the destination.

Promptly handing over the site to investor

Tay Yen Tu project was invested by Tay Yen Tu Service Joint Stock Company, on total area of over 136.3 ha with total estimated investment of nearly 1,470 billion VND (64.8 million USD).

It was divided into three stages to build a tourism complex with integration of spiritual, historical and natural ecosystem in Tay Yen Tu as the highlight for Bac Giang tourism in particular and region in general. The first started in 2016 – 2018. The second and third ones are from 2022 – 2025.

To date, the first stage was done with various items of cable car, landscape bridge to Ha pagoda, cable car station, restaurant cluster by the spring, the gate of central square. The project operation helped create stable job and income for many locals.

Following the orientation to develop a tourism complex with regional scale, the provincial People’s Committee has considered to adjust the plan and timely recover any inappropriate point to ensure the harmonious landscape that impresses visitors.

With the same orientation, Tay Yen Tu Service Joint Stock Company prepared the plan to develop this area into Buddhist center, construct the special art stage to realize the life story of King Monk Tran Nhan Tong to provide visitors with deep understanding about historical stage of the country and history of Vietnam Buddhism.

Accompanying the investor, the district People’s Committee has highly focused on the land clearance work. The local authority approved for 17 programmes of site work and compensation with total area of over 90.9ha.

Vice Chairwoman of the district People’s Committee Tong Thi Huong Giang said: “With high determination to quickly hand over the site for project execution to create driving force for socio-economic growth, the district People’s Committee issued decision to accelerate the site work; make the plan of land reclamation; adjust the detailed Plan for resettlement under Tay Yen Tu project so as to create land fund for arranging the resettlement for local people”.


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