Speeding up schedule of Tay Yen Tu Spiritual Ecotourism Complex Project

Update: 19:36 | 03/08/2021

(BGO) – On August 2, Mai Son, Permanent Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee (PPC) in Bac Giang province, Head of the Steering Committee for implementing construction projects in at  Tay Yen Tu Spiritual Ecotourism Complex (Project) paid a field trip to review the project execution schedule in Son Dong district.  

The report showed that from January to August 2021, Son Dong district People’s Committee approved the compensation programme for site clearance in the 15th period with reclaimed area of 10.45ha, making up total area of reclaimed and compensated areas in the Project of 78.6ha (accounting for 80 percent of land for compensation); supported and verified the compensation programme for the site work in the 16th period...

Speeding up, project schedule, Tay Yen Tu Spiritual Ecotourism Complex Project, Bac Giang province, compensation programme, site work

PPC Vice Chairman Mai Son and delegates inspect the project construction site.

However, the project land clearance was delayed. Tay Yen Tu Service Joint Stock Company has not completed to adjust the Project Plan, causing impact on the schedule of land reclaimation and site work...

Concluding the inspection, PPC Vice Chairman Mai Son pressed that it was the key project in the province so the relevant sectors, localities, agencies and businesses must highly focus on speeding up the execution progress and strive to complete the site work for all projects within the third quarter in 2021.

Speeding up, project schedule, Tay Yen Tu Spiritual Ecotourism Complex Project, Bac Giang province, compensation programme, site work

PPC Vice Chairman Mai Son inspects the project implementation schedule.

Tay Yen Tu Service JSC should promptly complete document to adjust the Project Plan then submit to authority for approval before August 10; rapidly compensate for the cases suffering the loss on agriculture production due to project’s levelling work; pay for the amount to support early land handing over under the programmes of the 15th period.

The Project was devided into 3 stages, starting from 2014 and completing by 2025 (plan). After 7 year implementation, the items in first stage were basically completed and operated from February 2019. In the investment approval, total area of land for Project implementation covers more than 136 ha with reclaimed area of nearly 114 ha.

Cong Doanh

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