Sharing drops of red blood

Update: 15:39 | 16/07/2022

(BGO) - Out of the total of more than 15,000 blood units received annually and nearly 1.2 percent of the total voluntary blood donors in Bac Giang province, thousands come from reserve blood, platelet and rare blood donation clubs and teams. Without thinking about being honored or given priority, when anyone needs blood, they are ready to go, regardless of day or night, rain or shine, just hoping to save the patients’ lives.

My conversation with Dr. Tran Manh Tung (born in 1991), from the Department of Diagnostic Imaging under the provincial General Hospital started after he had just finished his night shift. In 2015, Tung graduated from Thai Binh University of Medicine and Pharmacy in general medicine, and has worked at the provincial General Hospital since 2016. 

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Doctor Tran Manh Tung donates blood at a fixed venue of the provincial General Hospital.

As a dynamic person who likes to engage in social activities, when he was a student, he actively participated in the school's "Live Blood Bank" club. Returning to work in the province, along with professional efforts, young doctor Tran Manh Tung has continued to join many charity movements.

Out of a total of 20 blood donations, three times Dr. Tran Manh Tung gave blood in case of emergency. Currently, he is a core member of the 60-strong voluntary blood donation team of the provincial General Hospital.

The common point of blood donors is the sense of responsibility for the community. For Ngoc Thi Thuy Nhu (born in 1994), a native of Son Dong district, when she was a student, she donated blood just to check if her blood was good or not" but now, almost every year she donates blood 1 to 2 times. At the age of 28, Thuy Nhu has made 32 blood donations to save lives.

Sharing, drops of red blood, Bac Giang province, blood units, total voluntary blood donors, blood donation clubs, given priority, save the patients’ lives

Chairwoman of Bac Giang municipal Red Cross Society Than Thu Thuy voluntarily donates blood 50 times.

According to Chairwoman of the provincial Red Cross Society Le Thi Duyen, who is deputy head of the provincial Steering Committee for Voluntary Blood Donation Mobilisation, thanks to efforts by authorities at all levels, sectors, localities and the whole community, the amount of blood received every year always exceeded the plan but only met about one third of the demand.

The province currently has 33 clubs and teams campaigning for voluntary blood donation with nearly 2,000 participants, mainly youth union members. Many core members of clubs such as Bac Giang Blood, Reserve Blood Donation, Platelet Donation and Rare Blood Donation have become "living blood banks", ready to give blood in case of emergency, saving lives in a timely manner.

Tran Manh Quang (born 1989) from Nghia Trung commune (Viet Yen district) - the member with the most blood donations (40 times) of the Bac Giang Blood Club and other members established a Facebook group with the message "Donating blood to save lives - Please don't be indifferent." Through the page, they share information about cases of urgent need for blood or call on members to donate blood during charity events.

In recent years, platelet donation activities have been seen. For the health sector, platelets are very important for the treatment of cases with severe bleeding and coagulation disorders, directly threatening the patients’ lives.

Sharing, drops of red blood, Bac Giang province, blood units, total voluntary blood donors, blood donation clubs, given priority, save the patients’ lives

A large number of police officers and soldiers and people in Viet Yen district participate in voluntary blood donation.

That is also the reason why since 2018, the provincial Red Cross Society established the Platelet Donation Club. With the motto "ready to be present", on the group's Facebook page, the club’s management board regularly connects with the social working groups of hospitals, updating the information on cases needing platelets in the fastest way. Based on personal information, especially blood type and the latest platelet donation of each member, they call for timely help to patients.

Nicknamed the "platelet bank", since 2020, every 3 months on average, Duong Ngo Tri (born in 1997) in Ngoc Van commune (Tan Yen district) rides a motorbike from home to the National Institute for Hematology and Blood Transfusion for platelet donation.

Every day, there are many unfortunate people who meet accidents and develop diseases, and thousands of children with thalassemia in need of blood transfusion. Meanwhile, blood reserves at hospitals are yet to meet demand. Therefore, there is a great need for kind hearts that are ready to share the drops of red blood.


Tuong Vi
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