Keeping on campaign for tissue, organ donation

Update: 22:53 | 24/05/2022

(BGO) - Donating tissues and organs can save many lives, but not all people are willing to give away a part of their body when they are alive or dead. Facing that difficulty, Red Cross workers at all levels in Bac Giang province persistently persuaded and campaigned for saving lives.

Bringing life opportunities to many people

Nearly 3 years since they decided to donate their son Nguyen Tien Manh's organs (born in 2000) to save lives, life in the family of Nguyen Van Lanh and Nguyen Thi Huong in Cam village, Luong Phong commune (Hiep Hoa district) has returned to normal.

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Staff of the Red Cross Society of Hiep Hoa district popularize tissue and organ donation for local residents.

Huong said that “when we learned that my son could not survive a traffic accident, we felt too painful as if our intestines were cut because before that he was completely healthy and just turned 19 with many dreams yet to be realised. Despite our great love for my son, after careful consideration, we signed an application to donate his tissues and organs to save many lives and make his death meaningful”.

The kindness and noble deed of families with members donating organs in Bac Giang have helped revive many lives. Besides Nguyen Tien Manh, Ngo Van Soai in Ngo Xa village, Chau Minh commune saved four lives; Vu Tri Suc in Duc Thanh village, Tri Yen commune (Yen Dung), after his death, helped revive at least six patients thanks to heart, liver and some other organ transplants.

At the beginning of April 2022, when Tran Van Ton in Ngo Khong village, Chau Minh commune (Hiep Hoa) failed to survive an accident, his family gave life opportunities to four patients under treatment at the Vietnam-Germany Friendship Hospital (Hanoi). More than 10 years ago, in Thang township (Hiep Hoa district), a person voluntarily donated a body part (a kidney) in time to save a young man with end-stage renal failure.

Noble hearts

In recent years, the technique of tissue and organ transplantation in Vietnam has continuously developed. Bac Giang province is one of the localities with many tissue and organ donors. However, according to Pham Thi Dao, a consultant at the Organ Transplant Center under the Vietnam-Germany Friendship Hospital (Hanoi), the biggest difficulty is the shortage of donors. The actual number of cases that have been transplanted is still very small as compared to tens of thousands of people who are waiting day and night for a tissue and organ transplant to maintain life.

With the efforts of Red Cross workers at all levels, at this time, the province sees more than 100 people registering to donate tissues and organs. Of the districts, Tan Yen has the most with nearly 80 registrations.

The presidents of the Red Cross societies registered to donate organs first, followed by many commune, ward and township officials, youth union secretaries, teachers, medical staff, and students. At present, Hiep Hoa district is the locality with five tissue and organ donations, the most in the province.

If in the past, the registrants were mainly elderly, now there are many young people, even couples or mother and children in a family. The oldest donor this year is 62 years old, even though he is just a farmer, while the youngest is 19 years old, a university student.

According to Le Thi Duyen, Chairwoman of the provincial Red Cross Society, in order to diversify sources of tissues and organs to serve the work of saving patients, Red Cross societies at all levels, with the mission of a humanitarian organization, have persistently persuaded people to donate tissues and organs. They have focused on popularizing examples who donated tissues and organs, and those whose lives have been revived thanks to organ transplants. They informed that people 18 years of age or older, with full citizenship rights and a clear mind, can register to donate organs.

The provincial Red Cross Society will compile documents and send them to villages and communes to serve communication work, including phone numbers of consultation switchboards and addresses of units that receive tissues and organs. When people gradually erase their prejudices, they will act humanely and be ready to donate tissues and organs, giving life opportunities to many people.


Mai Toan
Organ donation helps save four people
(BGO)- After Tran Van Ton (born in 1983) in Ngo Khong village, Chau Minh commune, Hiep Hoa district passed away from a traffic accident, his family voluntarily donated his organs to give chance of life for 4 patients under treatment at Vietnam-Germany Friendship Hospital (Viet Duc Hospital) in Hanoi.
Registration for organ donation: Reviving lives
(BGO) - Farmers, carpenters, tailors, teachers and government officials, all have the same desire to donate tissues and organs to revive other people's lives. Applications have been in turn sent to the Vietnam National Coordinating Center for Organ Transplantation.
Bac Giang calls for humanity tissue and organ donation
(BGO) – To save the patients in need of tissue and organ transplantation, the Red Cross Society in the northern province of Bac Giang has launched the programmes calling for people to register to donate the human tissue and body part.
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