SEA Games 31 in Bac Giang leaves deep imprint on international delegations

Update: 20:25 | 24/05/2022

(BGO) - After seven drastic competition days (May 16 - 22), badminton event at the 31st Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games 31) closed in Bac Giang province and left deep imprint on the fans. The province took every effort and high responsibility to contribute to the success of the biggest sports event in Southeast Asian region.

High responsibility

Under close direction from provincial leaders, local organizer for badminton at SEA Games 31 in Bac Giang province thoroughly and carefully prepared every step and task such as facility, reception, communication, security among others together with highest responsibility toward the event success.

SEA Games 31, Bac Giang province, leaves deep imprint, international delegations, seven drastic competition days, badminton event,  high responsibility,  biggest sports event

A shot at men’s singles final match between Singaporean player Loh Kean Yew and Thailand rival Kunlavut Vittidsarn on May 22 afternoon.

Tran Minh Ha, Director of Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Vice Head of local Organization Committee for Badminton at SEA Games 31 in Bac Giang province shared some confusion occurred at first implementation due to the province first ever organized such big event. However, the shortcomings were handled timely. All departments, sectors and localities actively joined hands together with high responsibility and thoroughness to leave good impression.

About 500 public security forces were mobilized to secure the public order and security, traffic safety, fire and explosion prevention. Nearly 80 volunteers who are fluent in English communication were selected to serve the event. Various forces of Bac Giang city participated in the tasks.

The Medical sector carefully prepared scenarios, ensured food safety for representatives, officials, guests and athlete delegations. Hundreds of news, reports, images and videos are updated consecutively by news and media agents to timely popularize the event to the public.

114 matches took place at Bac Giang provincial Gymnasium with the participation of 135 athletes from 8 countries of Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Lao, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam. 20 members of Vietnam Badminton Team joined all events at the games, including four players from Bac Giang.

SEA Games 31, Bac Giang province, leaves deep imprint, international delegations, seven drastic competition days, badminton event,  high responsibility,  biggest sports event

All stands of Bac Giang gymnasium are full of spectators.

The National Olympic Committee and Vietnam Badminton Federation highly evaluated the provincial preparation in every stage, the close cooperation among organizations and agencies.

Permanent Vice Chairman of Vietnam Badminton Federation Le Tan Dat shared: “Bac Giang carefully and thoroughly prepared for badminton event at SEA Games 31. The badminton in the province has positively changed from movement to the fan. I hope that in the upcoming time Bac Giang will host more international event”.

Ready for big event

During the competition, thousands of spectators near and far came to cheer the athletes. The 4,500 seat gymnasium seemed to be full all the time. Sometimes the late comers must go home and watch the match online.

The competition atmosphere was so exciting thanks to the enthusiasm and fairplay cheering spirit from badminton lovers who not only came from Bac Giang city but also other far away distance. It proved the special attention for badminton. Several international athletes said they saw few places where many people have special passion for badminton like in Bac Giang.

Even when all Vietnamese athletes stopped at the Games, local spectators still came to cheer other teams, which helped inspire and stimulate the competition spirit of players as well as indicate emotion and cultural beauty of Bac Giang people.

Apart from warm and careful reception, the domestic and foreign guests had amazing experiences when joining tours to famous historical and cultural relics, landscape sites and tasting unique food in Bac Giang.

Randolph Balatbat, Team Manager of Philippines delegation shared: “It is my second time serving SEA Games (the first is in the Philippines). When staying in Bac Giang city, we receive warm and thorough reception. The hotel room is very comfortable. The chef prepares diverse and mouth-watering dishes, many are similar to our taste. The volunteers actively and friendly support the delegations. We always feel that we are staying in homeland thanks to warm greeting from Bac Giang”.

SEA Games 31, Bac Giang province, leaves deep imprint, international delegations, seven drastic competition days, badminton event,  high responsibility,  biggest sports event

Laos delegation visits Tay Yen Tu spiritual and ecotourism complex in Son Dong district.

The lesson learnt taken by local organizer for Badminton at SEA Games 31 in Bac Giang province is to call for highest responsibility from members of organization committee and various forces in each stage, field and task; actively make plan, review and carefully prepare scenarios and programme in detail.

The most important thing after the province host the event is to create deep impression on international friends about a dynamic, renovated, friendly and hospitable Bac Giang province on the development way.

The image of the land, people, historical and cultural value in the province has been promoted and widespread, hence helping attract more investor and accelerate provincial socio-economic growth.

Particularly the pride, solidarity, love for sports and fine values are awaken and spread. It is also the occasion for Bac Giang province to affirm the capability to host national, regional and international events.

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