Free English classes for Vietnamese community in Singapore

Update: 21:45 | 04/10/2021

In the past five years, a free English class founded by Tina Yuan has taught more than 300 students, including Vietnamese children, brides and laborers in Singapore.

At the end of 2016, Tina Yuan (Nguyen Thi Thuong) met several Vietnamese mothers who had brought their children to Singapore and married. Many children had been unable to attend school in an environment where English is the only language spoken.

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Tina Yuan offers free English classes for Vietnamese employees and children in Singapore.

"These babies are not entitled to the same treatment and care as children in Singapore because they do not have Singaporean citizenship. Meanwhile, not all Vietnamese brides who come to Singapore to marry are well-off; some must work long hours to make ends meet, leaving them little time to care for and educate their children in the language," Tina explained.

Her free English class has volunteers from the U.S., Australia, U.K., India, Singapore, and Vietnam.

Tina's class went online during the Covid-19 outbreak, meeting twice a week for an hour and a half each time. She often spends 30 minutes connecting students with friends of British, Australian, American, or Indian nationality to practice their language skills.

"This success is due in large part to foreign volunteers who share their knowledge with students," she said.

Mukundan Appadurai Paramashivan, an Indian volunteer, explained: "I got to know about this through the community volunteer page on Facebook, and I enrolled to make a difference. Before Covid-19 when we had face to face learning, we the teachers and learners could concentrate harder on learning because all our senses were engaged, and there were fewer distractions than there would be if you were learning at home. We would gain a better understanding of cultures, share stories and real-world examples with each other."

Tina Yuan was grown up in Phu Tho, northern Vietnam, in 1990 and has Chinese heritage. She lived in Vietnam until the end of her fourth grade, then moved to China, U.S., Singapore. Tina is currently an entrepreneur, writer and marketer in the field of communication and marketing.

Renowned Vietnamese teacher honoured by UNESCO
Chu Van An was a great teacher, renowned for his profound knowledge and upright and lofty personality. He left a shining example for many generations of students and is called “the teacher of eternity”. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) has recommended the organisation of activities to commemorate the 650th anniversary of the death in 2020.
Teachers wholeheartedly and creatively devote to teaching career
(BGO) – In the emulative ranking table of the Ministry of Education and  Training (MoET), the quality of Bac Giang’s educational sector has consecutively rank in top 15 leading provincies and cities across the country. The result is achieved thanks to great contribution of the devoted teachers. 
Teachers head to mountainous areas to cultivate knowledge among ethnic children
Many young female teachers have willingly went to mountainous areas in the Truong Son mountain range in Quang Tri province, home to svillages of the Van Kieu and Ta Oi ethnic groups, to spread knowledge amongst the ethnic children. Despite their hardships, they have never complained about their situation but instead remain devoted to their students and teaching career.
Programme honours outstanding ethnic teachers
A total of 63 outstanding ethnic minority teachers were honoured within a programme held in Hanoi on November 17.
Two teachers in Bac Giang recognized outstanding teachers nationwide in 2020
(BGO) – The Ministry of Education and Training on November 14 – 15 coordinated with the National Education Union of Vietnam to hold a ceremony to honor “Outstanding teachers in 2020”, including two teachers from Bac Giang province, namely Hoang Thi Hanh (born in 1971) and Chu Thi Mai (born in 1977).  

Source: VnExpress

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