Three impressive volunteers in the media

Update: 11:51 | 19/06/2021

(BGO) – Amid the pandemic, through the media, people know many volunteers with meaningful deeds. Their beautiful images have spread in the community, fueling other voluntary activities, contributing to supporting Bac Giang province in the fight against the pandemic.

Director becomes volunteer

When the epidemic broke out in his hometown of Viet Yen, Nguyen Nhat Linh in Bac Giang city could not sit still but decided to do something meaningful. He spent more than 200 million VND (8,600 USD) to buy necessities for people in quarantine sites. He also called on friends and partners to make donations to this effort.

Three impressive volunteers, in the media, Covid-19 pandemic, global pandemic, Bac Giang province, Prevention and Control

Nguyen Nhat Linh delivers goods to workers in Viet Yen district.

Since May 16, his 10-member group has raised more than 2 billion VND (86,600 USD) to buy necessities, medical supplies, disinfectant and bottled water, and transferred them to zero dong supermarkets and quarantine areas in Viet Yen district, Covid-19 treatment hospitals, and pandemic-hit areas in some localities.

Every day, Linh's group uses nearly a dozen personal cars to transport goods to support people in quarantine areas. They unload goods by themselves because they do not want to gather many people, easily spreading the disease. On peak days, the group transports about 15 tonnes of goods per day, spending at least 18-19 hours per day and sometimes until midnight.

Linh's group pays special attention to supporting women and children. As female medical staff and female workers in locked down areas needed sanitary napkins, he did not hesitate to spend his own money to buy 2,000 packages for them. After that, through his personal Facebook page, he called on more people to join hands with him to buy nearly 15,000 packages to send to women in quarantine areas and Covid-19 treatment hospitals in Viet Yen and some surrounding areas. When receiving practical gifts, many women thanked him and called him "the most delicate man of the year".

Bridge of love

Among the thousands of volunteers supporting Bac Giang in the fight against the pandemic, there are two drivers from Nghe An province, namely Nguyen Hoang Ha and Nguyen Dinh Quang. They are members of the first aid team of Lam Xuyen parish in Yen Thanh district. On May 26, they secretly came to Bac Giang to do voluntary activities against the epidemic.

Three impressive volunteers, in the media, Covid-19 pandemic, global pandemic, Bac Giang province, Prevention and Control

Nguyen Hoang Ha (left) and Nguyen Dinh Quang.

The two men were dispatched to the provincial Center for Disease Control. They are always ready to perform the task. They are on the road no matter how early or late once they get a phone call. On his personal Facebook page, Ha regularly updates information about the epidemic situation so that his relatives and friends across the country know and call on others to join hands.

On behalf of the people of Central Vietnam, the two men gave 14,000 N95 masks, 100 sets of protective clothing, 100 cartons of TH true milk and four cartons of medical masks to medical staff at the provincial Center for Disease Control. In addition, a family in Yen Thanh spent 15 million VND to buy pigs and asked neighbors to make 100 boxes of salted shredded pork and 40 kg of sausages to send to Bac Giang right at night. All the gifts were transferred by Ha and Quang to the zero dong supermarket in Gia village, Noi Hoang commune (Yen Dung district) and Hoa Sua Kindergarten in Dao Ngan village, Quang Chau commune (Viet Yen district).

Spreading good deeds

With the spirit of mutual affection, mutual love, in recent days, Bac Giang province has welcomed thousands of volunteers to support local pandemic prevention and control. In the fight against the epidemic, the media has contributed to actively spreading good deeds.

Three impressive volunteers, in the media, Covid-19 pandemic, global pandemic, Bac Giang province, Prevention and Control

Nguyen Vu Trung Hieu (right) installs equipment at Covid-19 treatment hospital No. 2.

Among the outstanding volunteers are aluminum and glass worker Nguyen Vu Trung Hieu from Da Lat city, the Central Highlands province of Lam Dong and Pham Van Man, 67, director of a technology company in Hanoi. Not only donating 100 million VND (4,300 USD), since mid-May, Hieu has participated in loading, unloading and transporting goods and necessities to pandemic-hit and quarantine areas. Meanwhile, Man did not tell his wife but secretly came to Bac Giang to transport medical staff to treat Covid-19 patients without fear of danger.

The volunteers have silently done everything with the desire to help Bac Giang people fight the pandemic.


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