Improvements seen in activities of People’s Councils at all levels

Update: 13:33 | 08/03/2022

The National Assembly Standing Committee held a conference in the central city of Da Nang on March 7 to review the work of the People's Councils of the provinces and centrally-run cities in the Central region and deploy orientations and tasks in 2022.

Speaking the conference, Politburo member and Standing Vice Chairman of the National Assembly Tran Thanh Man acknowledged and spoke highly of the efforts made by the Standing Committees of the People’s Councils of the central provinces and cities in overcoming numerous difficulties and challenges due to the Covid-19 epidemic as well as heavy effects of natural disasters and floods in order to fulfil assigned tasks.

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Standing Vice Chairman of the National Assembly Tran Thanh Man speaks at the conference.

The People’s Councils of central provinces and cities and the Central Highlands have overcome many difficulties to synchronously deploy appropriate and timely decisions; strengthening citizen reception, settlement of complaints and denunciations, and settlement of petitions of the people and voters. the rate of settlement of voters' petitions was high, reaching over 85%.

Emphasising five groups of basic contents to focus on implementing in the work of the People’s Council in 2022, NA Standing Vice Chairman Tran Thanh Man suggested that the People’s Councils of provinces and cities continue to focus on reviewing, developing and organising the implementation of the Scheme on continuing to innovate, improve the quality of meetings, quality of activities, voter contact, monitoring and Q&A activities; strengthen the leadership of the Party committees, standing committees at all levels, actively advise the Party committees in consolidating the titles, training, rotation and planning of People’s Council deputies.

He also stressed the need to promptly issue resolutions to organise the implementation and supervise the implementation of the Resolutions of the NA and the Government; organise the supervision of the four topics of the NA and the NA Standing Committee in 2022, as well as enhance the exchange of operating experiences between agencies of the People’s Councils of provinces and cities and agencies of the NA and the NA Standing Committee.

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Source: NDO

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