Spreading belief in aspiration for the path to socialism

Update: 09:48 | 04/03/2022

(BGO) - The Party Central Committee’s Commission for Information and Education has just coordinated with a number of relevant agencies and the Su that (Truth) National Political Publishing House to select, publish and launch the book "Some theoretical and practical issues on socialism and the path to socialism in Vietnam - Domestic and international public opinion on Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong's article”.

It has received special attention and response from officials, Party members and people. The article by the Party General Secretary and the book are of significance both in theory and practice regarding socialism and the path to socialism in Vietnam.

Clarifying the path chosen by the Vietnamese nation

Advancing to socialism is the aspiration of the Vietnamese people and the right choice of President Ho Chi Minh and the Communist Party of Vietnam that suits the development trend of history. This is the truth that has been tested in the revolutionary struggle of the Vietnamese people over the past 90 years. Especially after 35 years of implementing Doi moi (Renewal) process, our country has obtained great achievements of historical significance.

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"Some theoretical and practical issues about socialism and the path to socialism in Vietnam - Domestic and international public opinion on Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong’s article".

The country's potential, position and international prestige as it is today affirms the right path chosen by President Ho Chi Minh and our Party, further reinforcing the belief and perseverance of our nation in the path to socialism. But what is socialism? Why did Vietnam choose the path to socialism? How to gradually build socialism in Vietnam? Those are big issues bearing the breath of the era.

The historical imprints from the birth of Marxism, the real socialism after the successful October Revolution in Russia and the collapse of the socialist model in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe to the flow of human history today, socialism and the path to socialism is a very basic, important, plentiful and complex theoretical and practical topic.

Using logical arguments, profound analysis, dialectical method, and conclusions drawn from plentiful, true and scientific practices based on Marxism-Leninism's points of view, with the steadfast and unwavering spirit, mettle and responsibility as the head of the Party, the General Secretary mentioned fundamental, important and thorny issues to step by step answer the questions of the times about capitalism, socialism and the path to socialism in Vietnam.

The General Secretary pointed out: “The socialist society that the Vietnamese people are striving to build is a democratic, fair and civilized society with rich people and a strong country; owned by the people; having a highly developed economy based on modern production forces and appropriate and progressive production relations, as well as an advanced culture imbued with national identity. People in this society have a prosperous, free and happy life. It has conditions for the comprehensive development of all ethnic groups in the Vietnamese community with equality, solidarity, respect and help for mutual development. There is a socialist rule-of-law state of the people, by the people and for the people led by the Communist Party, which has friendly and cooperative relations with countries around the world”.

The Party General Secretary's article is especially meaningful in terms of ideology, theory and practice. It provides correct interpretations and goes straight into the most basic, thorny and urgent issues of the times with vivid evidence, logical and convincing arguments from practice; scientific but close and simple words clarifying the theoretical and practical issues of socialism and the path to socialism in Vietnam with responsibility and enthusiasm of the Party leader. The article had a great and profound impact on the thoughts, feelings and actions of each Party organization, official, Party member and person.

Spreading belief, solidarity, unity in thought and action

Immediately after the Party General Secretary's article was published (May 15, 2021), it received great attention and response from people from all walks of life in the country as well as were praised by foreign friends, political parties, politicians, scholars, scientists and theoretical researchers, and international public opinion.

The book "Some theoretical and practical issues about socialism and the path to socialism in Vietnam - Domestic and international public opinion on Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong’s article" is a collection of 107 articles by scholars, scientists, officials, Party members and people in the country and 48 discussions, interviews and evaluations of scholars, researchers, politicians and international friends about the article. The scholars and authors in the book have analyzed and evaluated the theoretical and practical values of the Party General Secretary's article from different aspects and angles, thereby spreading the spirit and thoughts spotlighted in the article.

The book spreads the thought and belief of the people in the way our nation is going and helps the entire Party, people and army enhance solidarity and unanimity in thought and action so as to strive to realize the aspiration for developing the country more prosperously and happily, thus steadily moving towards socialism.


Dr. Le The Cuong
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