Making love between soldiers and people more beautiful

Update: 07:12 | 15/01/2022

(BGO) - The images of military officers and soldiers in protective gear helping authorities at all levels and people from the North to the South to prevent and control the Covid-19 epidemic are emotional and meaningful images that make the love between soldiers and people more beautiful.

Holding a letter from Le Thi Nga in Bau Bang district, Binh Duong province to the doctors and nurses, Senior Lieutenant Colonel, Doctor Nguyen Ba Tan from the clinic of Army Corps 2, was moved and read it to everyone.

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Doctors and nurses of Army Corps 2’s clinic examine the health of Covid-19 patients in Bau Bang district, Binh Duong province.

Nga was a Covid-19 patient treated by the doctors of the clinic. She sent the letter to extend her regards to the doctors, whom she has never seen. Closing the three-page letter, Dr. Tan and his colleagues looked at each other without saying a word. The memories of nearly three months (from late August to mid-November) in Binh Duong province to fight the pandemic came back.

When the epidemic situation in the South was as hot as a pan of fire, many military missions urgently came to support. They left immediately when there was an order. 49 doctors, nurses and staff from the clinic of Army Corps 2 quickly entered the "epidemic center". Of them, 45 doctors and nurses traveled by air while two drivers, a doctor and a nurse took an ambulance along Truong Son trail to the South.

Senior Lieutenant Colonel, Doctor Nguyen Ba Tan, head of the mission said: “The desertedness, gloomy atmosphere, ambulances with wailing siren were the first images when we arrived in Binh Duong province. The mission was divided into 17 groups in six treatment areas. There were many difficulties, but most of all was the spirit of determination to defeat the Covid-19 enemy."

Dr. Tan and his colleagues both coordinated with others in treating patients in accordance with the right regimen, and worked as psychologists to help patients have more motivation and will to win the disease. Although the number of hospitalized patients increased rapidly, those who recovered from the disease also surged.

Lieutenant, Doctor Do Van Huong, 25, was the youngest doctor in the mission. He just graduated from the Military Medical Academy in March 2021, worked for a few months, then went to Binh Duong to fight the epidemic.

"We were always in a state of being ready to go, ate quickly and slept urgently. The phone was turned on around the clock. Whenever receiving a call from the patient’s relatives, we got on the ambulance immediately" Doctor Huong shared.

At the unit, Major and Political Commissar Chu Manh Hung regularly grasped the situation and encouraged his subordinates from afar. Today, whenever recalling the memory of going to the South to fight the epidemic, the doctors and nurses still told their leader that they had got many things after the anti-pandemic journey.

They could improve professional, commanding and mass mobilization skills, forge will, and understand more about the regional culture. Colonel Nguyen Van Kien, Deputy Commander of Army Corps 2 and head of its Steering Committee for Covid-19 Prevention and Control, emphasized that the 49 officers had well promoted the tradition of "Lightning speed, daring, determined to win" of the heroic Huong Giang Corps.

They moved at lightning speed to the South, acted at lightning speed in treating patients, and were determined to return with victory. Together with the local authorities of Binh Duong province, the Corps Command promptly praised and rewarded them for their great contributions.

Also in 2021, Army Corps 2 established many working groups and dispatched forces to Bac Giang province to prevent and control the pandemic. Soldiers of Division 325 (Army Corps 2) went to the forest to set up tents to stay and give the barracks to more than 1,500 citizens for medical isolation.

Officers and soldiers of the units engaged in maintaining order at nine checkpoints and serving 21 medical quarantine sites; sprayed disinfectant and cleaned the environment in many locations. The units donated necessities to isolation stations worth more than 100 million VND (4,400 USD) and mobilized dozens of vehicles to transport nearly 10,000 officers, nurses and doctors on duty and quarantined citizens back to their localities.

Where there is difficulty, there are Uncle Ho's soldiers. The deeds and actions of officers and soldiers of Army Corps 2 over the past time have further enhanced the image of Uncle Ho's soldiers in the hearts of the people.

Mac Yen
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