Provincial leader: Achievements gained in difficulties create position and strength for Bac Giang to continue to make breakthroughs

Update: 17:38 | 01/01/2022

(BGO) - Despite facing many unprecedented difficulties and challenges, in 2021, Bac Giang province won many achievements, with its increasing position, prestige and image to friends and partners at home and abroad. Welcoming the New Year 2022, Bac Giang newspaper had an interview with Le Anh Duong, Vice Secretary of the provincial Party Committee and Chairman of the provincial People's Committee.

Would you please give an overview of this special year?

There are many things to say, but most generally, it was the most difficult and challenging year ever for not only Bac Giang but also the whole country. The year 2021 was meaningful as it marked the first year of implementing the Resolution of the 19th provincial Party Congress and the 5-year socio-economic development plan for 2021-2025.

Provincial leader, achievements, difficulties, create position and strength, Bac Giang province, make breakthroughs, Covid-19 pandemic, economic recovery

Chairman of the provincial People's Committee Le Anh Duong.

First of all, the province successfully controlled the fourth wave of Covid-19. In difficult times, the province quickly contained the epidemic after nearly two months. Bac Giang is the first and only province to be awarded the Labor Order by the State President for anti-pandemic achievements.

In the midst of difficulties, the province focused on directing and successfully implementing many key tasks. Notably, it successfully held the elections of deputies to the 15th National Assembly and People's Councils at all levels for the 2021-2026 term. The province not only successfully protected industrial production but also promoted investment attraction and continued strong industrial development. Bac Giang is also a typical example in the country in terms of agricultural product sales, with its lychee exported to more than 30 countries.

Overcoming difficulties and challenges, the prestige and position of Bac Giang were affirmed and recognized by the whole country.

To overcome difficulties, especially in the context of complicated development of the Covid-19 epidemic, in your opinion, what were the decisive solutions of the province?

There were three decisions to turn the situation around, demonstrating Bac Giang's mettle.

The first decision was not locking down the whole province, which helped Bac Giang not only successfully sell agricultural products, especially lychee, but also mobilize resources for epidemic prevention and control, and production recovery.

The second decision was reopening four industrial zones and changing the situation completely. The resumption of enterprises means that the prestige and investment environment of the province was confirmed and the promise to investors to only close the industrial parks for two weeks was realised. When workers implemented "three together" at the enterprises, it made enterprises show their responsibility for pandemic prevention and control. Re-opening the industrial parks was the most difficult but most successful, accurate and effective decision.

The third decision was cutting the cost of testing by half. Bac Giang is the province with the cheapest testing cost in the country and the first province to master the technology of testing 20 aggregate samples. The cheap testing cost helped businesses strictly observe the regulation on testing and was one of the factors for the province to maintain its anti-epidemic achievements.

What are the causes of successes and lessons learned from realities in the past year?

The successes of 2021 were made since we chose the right goals. When the epidemic broke out, the province faced two options: stopping all tasks to focus on fighting the epidemic or doing many things at the same time, and the province chose the second, which was more difficult and challenging. Gladly, it was the right choice that helped the province successfully implement the "dual goals".

The province was very proactive and creative. It did not not expect others but actively responded to urgent requirements on pandemic prevention and control. The province also allowed localities to decide on anti-epidemic measures to ensure flexibility and suitability with realities.

In difficult times, the province took advantage of the direction and great support of the Government, the business community and the people throughout the country, along with promoting the strength of the all-people great unity bloc.

The province's overall goal in 2022 is to adapt safely to, flexibly and effectively control the Covid-19 pandemic, striving for a GRDP growth rate of 14 percent. Could you please tell what main measures to be taken to achieve that goal?.

For effective epidemic control, the first solution is to quickly cover the vaccine for residents and this is the most important thing to combat the Omicron variant. At the same time, it is necessary to take advantage of the good pandemic control to continue to improve medical capacity, and continue to strengthen screening mechanisms to prevent the risk of epidemic resurgence, especially in industrial zones, avoiding a situation like in 2021.

In socio-economic development, the province will continue to strongly improve the investment and business environment. In addition to well addressing issues related to institutions, it is necessary to continue to focus on improving infrastructure, first of all transport infrastructure and then infrastructure of industrial zones and clusters, to have land funds to attract investment. Next we must improve social infrastructure around industrial parks and clusters, and housing for workers.

Provincial leader, achievements, difficulties, create position and strength, Bac Giang province, make breakthroughs, Covid-19 pandemic, economic recovery

Chairman of the provincial People's Committee Le Anh Duong inspects the production and Covid-19 prevention and control at Crystal Martin Vietnam Co., Ltd (Quang Chau Industrial Park).

The province will continue to uphold discipline and administrative rules; promote the spirit of solidarity, proactiveness and creativeness, as well as continue to make innovations in ways of thinking and doing...

It is necessary to mobilize and effectively use resources for development; combine economic, cultural and social development harmoniously and reasonably; and promote the values of culture and people of Bac Giang...

Recently, when it comes to attracting investment in Bac Giang, many opinions mention "Preparing the nest to welcome the eagle". Could you please give your opinion on the above issue?

With the achievements in socio-economic development, and pandemic prevention and control in the past two years, it can be affirmed that the province has improved its prestige, image and position as well as won increasing investors’ trust. There is a large wave of investment in Bac Giang, not only from foreign investors but also domestic ones, of whom there will be more and more large investors.

During the visits of the National Assembly Chairman to the Republic of Korea and India recently, the province has signed a number of investment projects with a total value of about 1.6 billion USD. These are high-tech projects that are encouraged to be invested in Vietnam in general and Bac Giang in particular. When these projects are implemented, Bac Giang's position will be different.

However, in order to receive large investors and high-tech projects, the province must strongly improve the investment environment and accompany investors from the first days.

In Bac Giang, for all investment projects the province establishes a working group to accompany them from day one. This is a mechanism welcomed by investors and I believe Bac Giang has been, is and will be a good land for "eagles" to come and nest.

Thank you very much.


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