Engineers Brigade 219 paves the way to victory

Update: 22:24 | 29/04/2021

(BGO) - As a unit under the 2nd Corps participating in the Spring 1975 General Offensive, Engineers Brigade 219 overcame many difficulties to open roads and build bridges and military works. It also engaged directly in the struggle, making many feats of arm. Promoting that spirit, the unit's officers and soldiers have always stayed united to excellently fulfill their tasks during peacetime.

Glorious feats of arm

In early 1975, amid the rapid development of the war, along with the decision to change the direction of attack by the 2nd Corps Command, the preparation for the campaign to liberate Hue and Tri - Thien was even more urgent. Following the order of the 2nd Corps Command, Engineers Brigade 219 mobilized all resources to work day and night to open Road 10C and upgrade Road 72 to serve the campaign.

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Engineers Brigade 219 officers and soldiers are trained to cross the river.

After obtaining a victory in Hue, the unit was ordered to pave the way for a battle of fire to control Highway 1 from Hue to Da Nang. Discovering the newly opened roads, the enemy concentrated fire to bombard them, causing many losses to our army. Many officers and soldiers of the Brigade fell down in Dong Truoi, Khe Tre and Nam Dong.

For the routes and for the victory of the campaign, passing through the pain of loss and enemy bombs, the officers and soldiers of the Brigade bravely clung to the routes and roads with the slogan "All for the frontline, all to win”. With that in mind, the sappers of "iron shoulders, bronze feet" opened the roads and built the battlefield for the troops to successfully conduct a strategic battle to capture Hue and Da Nang.

On the momentum of victory, the unit was ordered to carry out the Ho Chi Minh campaign to completely liberate the South. In the process of fleeing, the enemy destroyed many bridges and roads in order to slow down our troops' steps. Overcoming the difficulties, Engineers Brigade 219 mapped out plans: both building bypasses and repairing bridges using self-exploited materials for large motorized vehicles to pass through.

At the end of April 1975, on the directions to Saigon, the 2nd Corps undertook an attack on the East - Southeast of the city, where the terrain was complicated, and divided by the river system. Engineers Brigade 219 was tasked with urgently transporting the equipment and weapons cross the river to Cat Lai ferry and preparing a river-pass right in the night of April 29, 1975 to ensure the army units could cross the river before dawn.

Being hit with accurate and massive firepower, the enemy panicked and dropped guns and ships to find ways to escape. With the support of firepower and the help of the people, Battalion 5 quickly designed a river-pass made of ships, boats and rafts carrying officers and soldiers of Regiment 101 (Division 325) to the southern bank in order to directly attack the Cat Lai naval base, creating conditions for Vietnamese troops to organize the first ferry carrying four tanks to the southern bank to serve the attacks, thus contributing to the complete liberation of the South and reunification of the country.

"Fighting in peacetime"

After the country was unified, Engineers Brigade 219's officers and soldiers continued to be the core force performing the task of overcoming the consequences of bombs and mines left from the war. In order to perform their task well, the officers and soldiers of the unit have always promoted proactivity and not been afraid of difficulties and hardships. The Brigade has focused on renewing the working content and methods in all aspects, ensuring full of conditions for training, combat readiness as well as other unexpected missions.

In particular, the unit has promoted its feats, especially the battle at Cat Lai ferry, so that the officers and soldiers could promote its heroic tradition as well as analyze and draw lessons. With the efforts in training, in early April, the unit excellently completed its tasks at the All-Army Engineers Games with seven competition contents, winning the second prize in the content of cross-river scouting.

According to Senior Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Thanh Vu, Deputy Chief and Chief of Staff of the Brigade, promoting the tradition of the heroic unit, its officers and soldiers continue to perform many tasks, including the "Fighting in peacetime” ones such as clearing bombs, mines and explosives left over from the war, and handling level-5 bombs; building border patrol roads and combat works; natural disaster prevention and control.

The Brigade’s officers and soldiers have performed these tasks in independent, fragmented, difficult and toxic conditions. However, over the years, they have always completed their mission well, even excellently, winning the appreciation of the Party, State, and army, and the trust of the people.

The dedication and heroic sacrifices of generations of officers and soldiers of the Engineers Brigade 219 have created great material and spiritual values, contributing to beautifying the tradition and good nature of the "Uncle Ho’s Soldiers".


Huu Trinh
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