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Update: 07:31 | 29/04/2021

(BGO) - April 30, 1975 has gone deeply into the minds of Vietnamese patriots and peace lovers around the world. The US, our enemy in a war that lasted 20 years, is also forced to remember that day as the acknowledgement of a bitter defeat after its fantasy that it would crush the rival with so many dollars, state-of-the-art weapons and well-equipped soldiers.

The people-based combat tactics made the April 30, 1975 victory. It is still used in the national defense today. In the peacetime, our Party and State have not forgotten the lesson for the people and by the people. “Dễ trăm lần không dân cũng chịu/ Khó vạn lần dân liệu cũng xong” (An easy thing could not be done without the people’s consent while an extremely difficult thing can be completed with the people’s support). We can do everything if we win the people’s hearts. 

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A tank of the liberation army enters the Independence Palace on April 30, 1975 at noon.

That lesson was clearly proven through the ups and downs of the nation's history, including the period of fighting against the US imperialists to save the country with the peak of April 30, 1975 victory, a victory worthy being honored forever of the heroic Vietnamese people.

It was a historical event of human stature because of its great, long-lasting influence. We do not clap our hands to praise ourselves when tanks darkened by gunpowder and soldiers with their bodies covered with dust advanced toward Saigon in the dazzling southern sun. At the most sacred moment in history, 11:30am on April 30, 1975, when the flag of the South Vietnam National Liberation Front fluttered over the roof of the Independence Palace, the most veteran war journalists of the famous news agencies in the world were here to follow and cover the event. 

And here are the records and praises for the winning army in this historic moment. The UPI news agency wrote: The winning troops rode tanks into the Presidential Palace with excited faces as if they were going to a place without anyone, even calling those standing on both sides of the road as well as journalists “comrades”. 

New York Times called April 30 as the historic day of the world. Meanwhile, AFP also had an article affirming that in 1975, the most prominent event in Asia was the April 30 event of Vietnam, shaking the earth. The French historian, Alain Rusco, said that the April 30, 1975 event in Vietnam made a big echo in the international arena regarding a nation never submitting to the enemy... It is hard to count all press, literature and art works at home and abroad mentioning April 30, 1975.

To come to the Victory Day of April 30, so many soldiers and people fell down. Perhaps nowhere, the word of “sacrifice” is as heavy and bitter as in Vietnam, and probably nowhere that word is simple and elegant like that. From hardship and loss, the struggle was always shined with optimism. The faith in and hope for a day of peace, unification, sustainable independence and freedom, and a bright future are the spiritual core that creates great strength of the people's war.

The deep and enduring spiritual value of the Vietnamese people is not only seen by us but also a poet from the United States. He is an American veteran who was ever present on the land of Quang Tri in the years 1967 and 1968. He is the famous professor and poet Bruce Weigl. He saw the depth of the soul and bravery of the Vietnamese nation through the image of a Vietnamese mother.

The farther the war goes, the more I feel the stature and value of April 30, 1975. Such great historical value has contributed to creating huge energy for the national construction and defense today and tomorrow. And, I believe that our people, with their mettle, intelligence and soul, will continue to make victories in the new era.

We know that culture is not only a trace of the past but also the internal force of the present. The April 30 victory is both history and culture. It is the pinnacle of triumph of traditional patriotism mingled with the spirit of the times. The victor showed a triumphant smile but also kept in the heart the nation's pain and losses, thereby extending a compassionate hand to the defeated. The winner closed the past and looks to the future with a humane choice: Vietnam wants to be a friend of all countries. 

We did not use resentment to respond to resentment, but took humanity to remove hatred. What the Vietnamese people did after the April 30, 1975 milestone is eloquent evidence for that. No one cannot cover up and distort that fact. And that has proven more vividly the great stature of the April 30 Victory.

Nguyen Huu Quy
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