Over 3.4 million USD invested to expand frontage road for national road No.1 and Hung Vuong intersection

Update: 14:32 | 07/03/2022

(BGO) – A project has been executed to expand and upgrade the frontage route of the national road No.1, section from the national road No.31’s intersection to Hung Vuong intersection so as to ease the traffic congestion.

According to the provincial Management Board of Traffic and Rural Investment and Construction Project (investor), the project was commenced on February 2022 to expand, upgrade the frontage route on the left of national road No.1, the section from the national road No.31’s intersection to Hung Vuong intersection. It will be completed in this November.

Over 3.4 million USD, expand frontage road, national road No.1, Hung Vuong intersection, Bac Giang province, traffic construction, ease the traffic congestion

The contractor focuses on constructing to put the project in use soon.

Taking advantages of favorable weather condition, the consortium contractor of Hanoi based Thuan An Joint Stock Company and 379 Construction Investment Joint Stock Company has mobilized all human resources and constructing vehicles to gain good schedule.

To date, the consortium has completed seven out of 23 cast-in-situ bored piles, beam casting mold and beam pillars. With this progress, the project is expected to put in use in September 2022, two months ahead of the schedule.

The projects consist of major items like expanding Hung Vuong overpass up to four meters on each side by steel-enforced concrete and pre-stressed steel-enforced concrete (the bridge is expanded to 22 from 16 meters) as well as the road. Total execution cost is over 79 billion VND (3.4 million USD) from provincial budget.


Truong Son
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