Luc Ngan butterflies spread Bac Giang farm produce brand

Update: 19:56 | 12/06/2023

(BGO) – Coming to the lychee capital Luc Ngan in a first day of June, I was surprised by the image of yellow butterflies flying along the winding road to Ho Dap commune. Perhaps I have never seen such an image. Butterflies flapped their wings peacefully amidst the fresh, green ecosystem, representing the natural, safe and sustainable farming method.

Looking at orchards with the season-beginning lychee clusters, including both yellow and red fruits, I felt full of joy. A peaceful countryside and fruit-laden orchards! Dynamic grassroots-level officials here are working with local people towards the goal of changing the face of the countryside, improving the material and spiritual life of the residents.

Luc Ngan butterflies, Bac Giang province, farm produce brand, lychee capital Luc Ngan, green ecosystem, safe and sustainable farming method

Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Le Minh Hoan, Chairman of the provincial People's Committee Le Anh Duong and the working delegation visit the lychee garden of Tran Van Hanh's household in Chao village, Giap Son commune, Luc Ngan district.

In Chao Cu village, Giap Son commune, lychee gardens are next to others, opening their doors to welcome guests in the early days of the crop.

I was really impressed with the way leaders of Bac Giang province and Luc Ngan district accompanied farmers, forming and developing the cooperative model in this land after many days and nights of concern. Up to now, about 30 cooperatives have approached "agricultural tourism", or "tourism agriculture" to launch tours of experiencing the lychee area. The model of "The lychee of the home garden" has attracted the attention of visitors from near and far. Each trunk is attached with a code featuring identification information. Some trees have been ordered for 2 years.

Visitors to Chao Cu village, Giap Son commune that day not only visited the "Clean - Green - Rich Experience" orchards as introduced on a billboard along the way. They enjoyed not only the ripe lychees, lychee honey, and drinks from lychees, but also many other local specialties.

Traditionally thinking, farmers make agricultural products and then sell them in the market. But now they "bring the market to the garden". Visitors come to the orchards not only to enjoy and bring home lychees as gifts, but also bring the soil and love of Luc Ngan people to their urban areas. They add the freshness to the countryside, so that the life of farmers and rural people becomes more vibrant and civilized.

Bac Giang and many other localities have boldly and proactively found the right path for themselves, towards new goals. That is the way to change from agricultural production to agricultural economy. Agribusiness, simply, creates more and higher value by taking a multi-objective approach to getting multiple values back. Tourism agriculture is an interesting suggestion.

Luc Ngan butterflies, Bac Giang province, farm produce brand, lychee capital Luc Ngan, green ecosystem, safe and sustainable farming method

Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Le Minh Hoan buys a lychee tree in the model of "The lychee of the home garden" in Luc Ngan.

Through the "night lychee picking tour" or the "picking up in the night, buying in the day" experience activity, young people help make the lychee gardens more attractive. Through drawing the image of lychees on performing costumes, they help agricultural products confidently "enter" a new field. With bright smiles, gentle welcome bows and sincere thanks, youngsters create a deep impression in the hearts of tourists, making the lychee garden not only a destination but also their homeland.

Watching the fluttering yellow butterflies, I suddenly remembered the theory of the "Butterfly Effect". This effect indicates that something as small as a butterfly's flapping wings or a sequence of seemingly unimportant events, can create an unexpected effect or make a big change.

The "butterfly wings" in Chao Cu will spread new values - the values of ecology and nature, to Giap Son, then to the whole Luc Ngan region and Bac Giang province. "Butterfly wings" from lychee gardens will create a positive spillover effect to other orchards and agricultural products.

Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Le Minh Hoan
Agriculture Minister buys lychee tree in Luc Ngan
(BGO) – With deep impression on “Lychee tree in home garden” model, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Le Minh Hoan bought lychee tree in the garden of Nguyen Van Son in Quy Son commune, Luc Ngan district (Bac Giang province).
Bac Giang to export lychee via Kep railway station
The northern province of Bac Giang will export lychee, one of its specialties, via the Kep railway station for the first time this year, heard a conference on lychee consumption promotion on June 7.
Over 18,000 tonnes of early ripening lychee sold
(BGO) – It is the peak harvest season of early ripening lychee in Bac Giang province. At the end of June 5, more than 18,000 tonnes of lychee were sold at stable price.
Vietnam’s first official-channel lychee shipment arrives in UK
The first official-channel shipment of Vietnamese lychee imported by the UK’s TT Meridian Ltd has arrived in the UK.
44 more foreign traders immigrated to buy Bac Giang lychee
(BGO) – The Immigration Department (Ministry of Public Security) has allowed 44 Chinese traders to enter Vietnam and buy lychee for export in Bac Giang province from May 26 till July 30, 2023.

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