Bac Giang ensures traffic order and safety during lychee season

Update: 16:39 | 11/06/2023

(BGO) - Every time when the red of lychees covers all hills and roads, the forces engaging in ensuring traffic safety and order in Luc Ngan district carry a heavier responsibility, contributing to the success of the lychee season.

In the past half a month, although it is not the peak of the lychee harvest in Luc Ngan, local traffic police officers have had to perform many tasks at the same time, such as circulating traffic flow, conducting communication campaigns, patrolling and handling violations to facilitate people's lychee sales.

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Police of Luc Ngan district regulate traffic and support residents to sell lychees on National Highway 31 (session passing Nghia Ho T-junction in Chu township).

Lieutenant Colonel Luc Xuan Hung, head of the district traffic police team, said: “This year, the district has arranged 28 working groups to regulate traffic throughout the district. The team has mobilized all personnel and coordinated with police of communes and townships to conduct patrols and support farmers in selling lychees. In addition to ensuring traffic safety, it also plans to help residents with pushing lychee pack-bikes through steep slopes, minimizing prolonged congestion.

Police of Luc Ngan district said that the lychee harvest season sees busy business and trading activities and a high demand for services. In addition, various types of criminals, law-breakers, traffic jams and accidents, and fires are on the rise. 

Senior Lieutenant Colonel Hoang Duc Hung, deputy head of the Luc Ngan district police said: "For the a safe and smooth lychee harvest season, the district police has soon developed plans, and assigned specific tasks to each group or individual. Each police officer is required to raise responsibility and not to be passive or surprised in any situation. The unit has announced the hotline and the phone numbers of the district police chief and the police chiefs of communes and townships on the Zalo group and the lychee sale points to receive information about security and order situation and traffic safety from the people.

This year, one of the solutions implemented by the district police is to send police officers and soldiers to the communes to grasp the progress of lychee harvest and sale in each period and dispatch the police from communes with small lychee areas to the key ones to join local authorities to ensure security and order.

Bac Giang province ensures traffic order, order and safety, lychee season, Luc Ngan district, success of the lychee season, selling lychees, lychee collection points

National Highway 31 (session passing Nghia Ho T-junction in Chu township) has high risk of traffic unsafety.

Luc Ngan district’s Youth Union has also established youth volunteer teams to regulate traffic. The district People's Committee has asked a military unit in the locality to send 60-80 officers and soldiers and set up 10 working groups to assist people in selling lychees. 

In addition to the active participation of the district police, based on the actual situation, the police of each commune and township has developed their own plans and advised the chairman of the commune-level People's Committee to set up working groups. They have coordinated with youth unions, women's unions, and veterans' associations to ensure security and safety and conduct night patrols. 

The People's Committees of communes and townships required households who have lychee collection points to commit to not placing goods, styrofoam boxes or ice bars and parking vehicles on the roadway


Nguyen Huong
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