High technology goes deeper into agriculture

Update: 07:13 | 02/01/2023

(BGO) - The application of high technology to agricultural production in Bac Giang province is increasingly popular, and as a result, the productivity and value of crops, livestock, and aquatic products have increased many times compared to traditional production methods.

Remote farm management

The family of Hoang Dinh Que in Quynh Son village, Quynh Son commune, Yen Dung district is the first household in the province to participate in the project "Improving the capacity of information technology (IT) application for outstanding farm owners and farmer households in Bac Giang province, contributing to the implementation of the fourth industrial revolution during the 2021-2025 period". The project has been deployed by the Provincial Farmers' Association since early 2022.

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Visitors visit a smart agriculture model at the farm of Hoang Dinh Que's family.

Que’s farm was installed with the automatic feeding system; sensor systems; software and cameras in the barns. He uses applications of MCA software invested by the provincial HND to manage production, introduce products and trace the origin of agricultural products. Total cost was more than 700 million VND (29,617 USD), 40% of which came from the province and the remaining 60% from his family.

Que said that thanks to the automatic feeding system, workers only pour feed from the bag into a large tank and then press the control button (or control it with a smartphone), the machine will automatically transfer the bran to the feeders and then troughs in each barn.

According to La Van Doan, Standing Vice Chairman of the provincial Farmers’ Association, by the end of 2022, the province had more than 100 farms using HTMAXigest products in more than 30 communes. Hoang Dinh Que's farm is the first facility in the province to apply IT in animal husbandry. Under the project, by 2025, the association will build eight smart agriculture models in the fields of crop cultivation, husbandry and aquaculture for outstanding farm owners and farmer households.

Building hi-tech fields

In the fourth industrial revolution, the application of high technology and digital transformation solutions to agricultural production has become an inevitable trend. In the field of horticulture, there are many hi-tech models. In order to ensure input materials, in 2018, G.O.C Export Food Processing Joint Stock Company in Tan Dinh commune, Lang Giang district established the G.O.C Hi-tech Agricultural Production Cooperative (G.O.C Cooperative).

High technology, goes deeper, agriculture sector, Bac Giang province, agricultural production, increasingly popular, productivity and value of crops

Nguyen Ngoc Man, a representative of G.O.C Cooperative, instructs workers to use the drip irrigation system.

The cooperative leased more than 10 hectares of agricultural land in Ngoc Thien commune, Tan Yen district to build a stable raw material area for export processing. In addition to building a 2,000-sq.m membrane house, the cooperative has developed a large-scale field on the remaining area to mechanize and apply high technology to production. It has also spent more than 1 billion VND (42,310 USD) buying a multi-purpose plow, pumps and automatic watering systems for the entire 10 hectares. The cooperative plans to expand the production area to 50 hectares.

Nguyen Ngoc Man, a representative of G.O.C Cooperative, said that the main products of the cooperative are mini and big Japanese mini cucumbers. Thanks to the application of high technology to production, G.O.C Cooperative has reduced the cost for hiring dozens of workers and shortened the time for land preparation, so it can grow three cucumber crops each year, with an output of 1,200 tons, earning a revenue of more than 10 billion VND (423,100 USD), an increase of about 30% compared to conventional production methods. This helps the cooperative ensure a stable supply for processing.

Currently, the province is implementing and expanding the project on automation development in intensive aquaculture in the 2021-2025 period. The family of Tran Dinh Hoan in Kim Son village, Thuong Lan commune, Viet Yen district is one of the participating households. He has invested methodically, from cementing the pond banks to installing water supply and drainage systems, aerators, oxygen generators, automatic fish feeding machines and cameras controlled by a smartphone. Therefore, the productivity reached more than 18 tons per ha per eight months, earning hundreds of millions of dong in profit.

According to the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, since 2016, the whole province has built more than 760 agricultural models applying high technology, with hundreds of model fields with production and consumption linkages. They include 332 crop farming, 200 livestock breeding, and 228 aquatic farming and forestry models. All products meet VietGAP or GlobalGAP standards. The average production value per area unit of high tech application in the membrane house model ranges from 700 million to billions of dong per ha per year. Many agricultural products have become provincial-level Once Commune Once Product (OCOP) products, opening a new and efficient production direction.


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