Vietnam rakes in 361 million USD from exporting poultry products

Update: 16:33 | 12/12/2022

Vietnam has so far earned 361 million USD from exporting poultry meat and eggs to 26 countries worldwide, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) reported.

According to the ministry, the country has spent over 3 billion USD on importing livestock products despite the abundant domestic supply.

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Vietnam produces about 6.5 million tonnes of livestock products and 17 billion of poultry eggs a year, mostly for domestic consumption.

Experts recommended that businesses need to intensify deep processing of poultry meat, create reserves, and diversify products to stabilise the market and increase added value.

Banks need to provide credit support, consider suitable options to assist farmers, they said.

In the long term, ministries and sectors need to evaluate distribution channels to ensure the interests of consumers and breeders; consider establishing a meat price stabilisation fund to support and better regulate the market; and take solutions to export meat products for large livestock projects.

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Source: VNA

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