Business links to production household to consume Bac Giang lychee

Update: 20:48 | 30/11/2022

(BGO) – The Hanoi based Phuc Lam Trading and Service Development Company Limited has inked lychee consuming contract with group of lychee producing households in line with GlobalGAP standard in Chao village, Giap Son commune (Luc  Ngan district), reported Truong Thi Bay, representative of the group.   

Accordingly, the company will support lychee production and buy all fruits of 13 member households in the group with stable price in this year season. During cultivation, the business tags each lychee tree; provides technical assistance to ensure the product quality and help the housholds to build guest house shed for welcoming visitors.

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Staff of Phuc Lam Trading and Service Development Company Limited tag GlobalGAP lychee tree.

13 member households in the goup grow 2,740 lychee trees, including 1,108 main season lychee, 1,222 Thanh Ha lychee and U hong lychee trees. The whole area is cultivated in line with GlobalGAP standard with estimated output of 158 tonnes.

“The linkage of production and product consumption not only helps us comfortably grow the crop, harvest the product but also open up tourism development trend to increase the income from lychee garden,” Bay said.


Sy Quyet
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