Strengthening management of planting area codes for agricultural export

Update: 10:58 | 29/09/2022

Vietnam has about 4,600 planting area codes granted for a total area of about 300,000 ha and 2,000 packing facilities throughout 50 provinces and cities. The establishment and issuance of codes for growing areas and packing facilities are mandatory requirements of importing countries, ensuring compliance with regulations on plant quarantine, food safety and traceability.

The agricultural sector has promoted the development of growing area codes and packaging facilities, thereby opening up great opportunities for many agricultural products in Vietnam.

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The tea growing area of Vinh Tan Tea Cooperative in Son Duong district, Tuyen Quang province.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, after the protocol on phytosanitary requirements between Vietnam and China was signed, Vietnamese durian was officially approved to be exported to the Chinese market. As many as 51 durian planting areas and 25 durian packing facilities were granted export codes by the General Administration of Customs of China.

About 3,000ha of durian planting areas were granted growing area codes, with an estimated output of 68,000 tonnes per year. The number of durian exports may increase after the records of other growing areas and packing facilities are submitted to the Chinese General Administration of Customs for approval.

The first shipment of over 100 tonnes of fresh durian from Vietnam was officially exported to the Chinese market on September 17, with the participation of five enterprises.

Durian is just one of the typical examples of fruit approved to be officially exported to China. The granting of planting area codes is considered a “key” and a mandatory condition for Vietnamese agricultural products to reach out to the world market. If the Vietnamese agricultural sector can meet requirements on planting area codes and packing facilities, it will have more opportunities and potential to promote the official export of more agricultural products.

However, the establishment and issuance of planting area codes and packaging facilities still reveal some shortcomings. Many localities have not paid due attention to this issue. The percentage of planting areas that have been granted planting area codes is not high, focusing only on a few key fruit trees.

In some localities, the monitoring of growing areas and packing facilities, after being granted codes, have yet to fully meet the technical requirements set by importing countries.

Local authorities must pay attention to the management and expansion of planting area codes and packing facilities. They should disseminate information to the people so that people can understand the importance of granting and maintaining planting area codes. It is also necessary to improve the qualifications of local officials and promulgate policies in support of the development of growing areas and packing facilities, to meet the requirements of importing countries.

The Plant Protection Department recently requested the Regional Plant Quarantine Sub-department to only carry out plant quarantine procedures for export consignments with planting area codes and packing facility codes owned by specific organisations or individuals.

In case the owners of the planting area codes and the packing establishments do not directly export their products but allow other organisations and individuals to use their codes, they must send a written report to the Plant Protection Department.

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Source: NDO

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