Bac Giang exports lychee to China via green zone

Update: 15:13 | 13/06/2022

(BGO) - Bac Giang lychee is offered green zone to export to China, reported the provincial Department of Industry and Trade.

Because China still applies Zero Covid policy, farm produce export has encountered many difficulties. To handle the bottle neck, Bac Giang province actively cooperated to propose relevant ministries and sectors to connect and offer “green zone” in Lang Son province to export local lychees.

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A lychee purchasing point in Truong Son commune (Luc Nam district).

After quarantine stage, lychees are gathered at specific area with separate route to facilitate fastest export to Chinese market.

Sometime 101 trucks carrying farm produce completed customs clearance at border gate to China, 73 of which transported Bac Giang lychees.

So far, the province has consumed over 22,500 tonnes of lychee, more than 11,700 tonnes of which were exported (over 90 percent to Chinese market) and remaining quantity were sold domestically.

To ease the lychee export to China, the competent agencies recommend farmers and owners of purchasing points to follow harvest procedure and meet Chinese standard such as cutting the stem less than 10cm and removing leaves.


Truong Son
PPC Chairman of Bac Giang province urges to ensure conditions for export of lychee to the US
(BGO)- Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee (PPC) of Bac Giang province Le Anh Duong on June 7 visited some production and packaging facilities and inspected consumption of lychee in Luc Ngan district.
Bac Giang exports nearly 4,000 tonnes of early ripening lychees
(BGO) – The harvest season for early ripening lychee in Bac Giang province started in late May. So far, over 13,400 tonnes of fruits have been consumed domestically and globally.
Bac Giang pays attention to supporting trade promotion and connection to export lychee to the US
(BGO)- Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee of Bac Giang province Phan The Tuan on June 3 afternoon chaired a meeting with Prof. Nguyen Dinh Phu, Chairman of the Vietnamese Entrepreneurs Network in the United States of America (VENUSA), honourary repesentative of Bac Giang province, on trade and investment promotion in the US and connection to export lychee and some farm products of Bac Giang to this market.
Early ripening lychees enjoy smooth consumption and high selling price
(BGO) - The cold weather in last winter made lychees in Bac Giang province ripe haft one month later than previous seasons. There is long period between the harvest season of early and late ripening lychees, which cause positive impact on market and ensure crop spreading factor. When Covid-19 is contained, early ripening lychees now enjoy smooth consumption and high selling price.
Bac Giang lychee firstly promoted at Vietnam Festival in Japan
(BGO) - Thanks to effort of competent organizations, the Bac Giang provincial People’s Committee and  businesses, Vietnam fresh lychee including Bac Giang lychee were firstly promoted at Vietnam Festival in Japan.
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