Tan Yen separates lychee growing area code for export

Update: 21:01 | 01/04/2022

(BGO) – Phuc Hoa commune, Tan Yen district (Bac Giang province) now has grown 600 ha of early ripening lychee which has been granted a growing area code (GAC) since 2018.

In this season, the commune divided into 11 codes in 11 villages so as to focus on cultivating and caring the crops to ensure export quality to China.

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The early ripening lychee area in Phuc Hoa commune.

To well implement the requirements, under the direction from the district People’s Committee and competent agencies, the communal People’s Committee made training plan and called on farmers to strictly follow clean and safe lychee growing procedure.

Local authority has invited exporters to ink contract of production and consumption linkage to households as well as selected suitable processing and preserving technologies.

Currently, the growers have focused on caring the fruit trees, cleaning up the orchards, using allowed plant protection products to prevent worm and disease to ensure productivity and quality, meet the food hygiene and safety as well as export standard.

Phuong Thao
Bac Giang to organize series of events to promote consumption of lychee and other key, signature products in 2022
(BGO)- The provincial People’s Committee of Bac Giang province has issued the plan to organize events, conferences and activities to promote consumption of lychee and other key and signature products of the province in 2022.
Bac Giang farmers get rich from lychee
(BGO) – After a farmer named Tru brought first lychee tree to Luc Ngan district in the 1950s, the crop helped change various aspects of the socio-economic life in the highland districts of Bac Giang province.
Many businesses register to export lychee
(BGO) – To prepare for this year lychee season, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) in Bac Giang province has worked with enterprises which demand to export lychee to Japan, European Union, the U.S and Australia.
Bac Giang digitalizes lychee production areas
(BGO) – The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development in Bac Giang province cooperated to several localities to digitalize 43 lychee production areas (37 in Luc Ngan, 3 in Luc Nam, 4 in Tan Yen and 1 in Song Dong) with total area of 430ha in this season.
Bac Giang actively prepares markets to export lychee
(BGO) – Recently, China has continued tightening commodity export via Lang Son border gate for Covid-19 prevention and control with only 90 – 100 carriages cleared from Vietnam on a daily basis, which creates more challenges for farm produce to export to this market.

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