Bac Giang works to bring OCOP products into modern retail system

Update: 17:30 | 11/03/2022

(BGO) - The One Commune One Product (OCOP) programme has helped improve the value of agricultural products and increase income for farmers. To further improve economic efficiency, together with relevant agencies, local authorities and OCOP product owners in Bac Giang province have actively sought partners to bring products into the modern retail system.

Actively finding markets

In 2020, JOY VN Co., Ltd., based in Viet Tien commune (Viet Yen district) received a "double" joy when its two products of gac (spiny bitter gourd) tea and spirulina noodles were recognized by the provincial Evaluation and Classification Council as meeting 3-star OCOP standards (Previously the company had six recognized products). All of these products have affirmed their quality and been appreciated by consumers. 

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A store displaying OCOP products in Hiep Hoa district.

Continuing the victory momentum, the company has actively connected with distributors to bring its products to retail supermarket chains in Hanoi such as Vinmart, Coopmart, Duc Thanh and Viet Y... It has also expanded workshops and invested in packaging equipment, ensuring food hygiene and safety standards, thus meeting the increasing requirements of consumers.

According to statistics, Bac Giang currently ranks first in the country in the number of OCOP products with 155 recognized products, of which 36 are 4-star and the rest are 3-star. In order to enhance the value, those with recognized products have actively sought distribution and consumption partners.

For example, the Yen The Green Agriculture Cooperative has connected with supermarkets to bring three 4-star OCOP products including vacuum-packed chicken, fried chicken meat paste and boiled chicken meat paste for sale. Currently, all OCOP products of the unit (about 4 tonnes per month) are sold at Vinmart supermarket system, PRG retail chain and clean food chain in Bac Giang, Bac Ninh, Quang Ninh, Hai Phong and Hanoi.

Similarly, the bottled dried Cordyceps product of the Truong Tho Herbal Medicine Company Limited in Dong Hung commune (Luc Nam district) also earned a place in some big drug stores in Hanoi city.

Joint efforts to make products go far

According to the Department of Industry and Trade, although the sector has launched many support policies and programmes, so far only 60 percent of OCOP products have entered supermarkets and modern retail chains, of which only about one third dominate the market.

Bac Giang province, OCOP products, modern retail system, One Commune One Product, agricultural products, increase income, improve economic efficiency, OCOP standards

Customers choose OCOP products of the Yen Dung Clean Vegetable Cooperative at Coopmart supermarket.

For example, at Coopmart Bac Giang, out of more than 10,000 product codes on sale, there are over 10 OCOP products of the province, of which only 2-3 products dominate the market and the remaining see few buyers. Or at GO Bac Giang supermarket, among 89 OCOP products being sold here, there are only 17 local ones such as Xuan Truong Chu noodles, Kim Ngan lychee/apple vinegar, Viet Cuong vermicelli...

To support OCOP product owners, the Department of Industry and Trade has regularly captured information from ministries and central agencies to coordinate well in product sale; worked with large enterprises such as Vietnam Mega Market Group and Vincommerce General Commercial Services Joint Stock Company (the owner of Vinmart and Vinmart+ retail systems) to join hands in organizing events to promote farm produce in general and OCOP products of the province in particular.

Duong Van Tuan, head of the Trade Management Division under the Department of Industry and Trade, said: “We are currently asking localities to review and gather information on the connection needs for sale of OCOP products to have plans to exchange and connect with businesses and supermarkets.

In the immediate future, the sector is coordinating with localities to survey and open two points of sale introducing local OCOP products; connect GO, Coopmart supermarkets with a number of cooperatives to bring products into supermarkets. However, to stand firm in the market, suppliers need to improve productivity and product quality; carry out the registration and announcement of food quality and safety according to regulations; improve the quality of packaging and labeling to serve the increasing demands of the market and consumers".


Sy Quyet
Bac Giang has 155 OCOP products
(BGO) - The People’s Committee in Bac Giang province has approved for the evaluation and classification result to grant certificate for 39 products under One Commune One Product (OCOP) programme in second period of 2022, including two four star products and three star ones, reported the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.
61 OCOP products certified in 2021
(BGO) - The provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Bac Giang province (DoARD) on December 27 organized an event to announce Decision of Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee and award certificates to 61 OCOP products in 2021.
Bac Giang proposes to recognize 39 new OCOP products in 2021
(BGO)- According to the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Bac Giang province, the Judge of One Commune One Product (OCOP) evaluation and classification has evaluated and classified OCOP products for the 2nd time in 2021.
Bac Giang strives to have national OCOP product with five star rating
(BGO) – The Agriculture sector in Bac Giang province strives to have 25 to 30 more products qualified as One Commune One Product (OCOP) with three star rating and above as well as upgrade 5 to 10 products, reported the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.
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