Bac Giang farmer earns 2 million VND per day from growing green asparagus

Update: 19:49 | 08/03/2022

(BGO) - Visiting the green asparagus growing model of Nguyen Xuan Truong's family in Dau village, Tu Lan commune, Viet Yen district (Bac Giang province), we had the opportunity to understand thoroughly about the nutritional value and economic efficiency of the new plant that has drawn attention of many people.

Previously, Truong boldly exchanged his rice fields with low yield with others’ to form a large area for convenient farming.

In early 2016, his family was selected by the district Division of Agriculture and Rural Development to develop a model of growing green asparagus. Participating in the model, the family was supported with 80 percent of the seed costs and guided with growing and caring techniques.

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The green asparagus growing model of Nguyen Xuan Truong’s household in Tu Lan commune, Viet Yen district (Bac Giang province).

He said that green asparagus is not too difficult to grow. After sowing seeds in the pots for about 3 months, he plants them in the field. As green asparagus plants are herbaceous, when they are about 40 cm tall, they will tilt when winds come, so he must plant stakes and tie the ropes to fix the roots.

When the mother asparagus plant has many seedlings, he will choose the strong and discard the weak ones. Although this kind of plant is easy to grow, it is necessary to ensure daily watering in the dry season and drainage in the rainy season.

The product of the asparagus plant is the young shoots used as food. Besides, the leaves and stems are also used for flower arrangement. Asparagus plants often produce shoots for 7-8 years, even over 10 years with good care.

According to Truong, currently, each sao (360sq.m) has a yield of 2 kg per day, with the selling price of 70,000-80,000 VND/kg. On an area of 17 sao, he earns nearly 2 million VND (87.5 USD) per day after deducting all expenses.

Not to mention that the yield of asparagus harvested will increase each year, including other sources of revenue, the profit gained from this vegetable variety is not small.

Compared to growing rice and other crops, the economic benefits from green asparagus are huge, Truong affirmed. After more than one year of planting this plant, his family has basically recovered the initial investment.

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Source: Dan Viet

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