21 provincial outstanding rural industrial products recognized

Update: 13:43 | 02/11/2021

(BGO)- Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee of Bac Giang province has decided to recognize 21 outstanding rural industrial products in 2021.

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Cordyceps product of Adenco Medicinal Mushroom Company has been recognized an outstanding rural industrial product.

The recognized products include handmade horn rimmed glasses (Neo Eyewear Vina Company Limited), rosemary oil essence (ORGANIC production, trade and service Cooperative), lychee in syrup (Vifoco Import& Export Company), Kim Tien Thao - Shilintong (OPC Bac Giang Pharmaceutical Joint-Stock Company), Hien Phuoc five- color rice noodle (Hien Phuoc Chu Rice Noodle Cooperative), Banh khao Moc Son (sweet shortcake made of roast glutinous rice flour) (Moc Son Agricultural Cooperative), chicken sausage (Yen The Green Agricultural Cooperative), Dai An sesame oil (Quang Duy Cooperative), Diep Nhat celastrus hindsii tea (Thien Phu Agricultural Production, Trade and Service), GS chicken pie (Giang Son Joint Stock Company), cao dinh lang (aralia glue) (Thien Tam Yen The Herbal Cooperative), dried Cordyceps (Adenco Medicinal Mushroom Company), forest honey (Luu Chanh Truong Son Medicinal Plant Cooperative), Nhu Bao wine (An Lap Trade and Service Cooperative), Anh Thu rice paper and dried noodle (Anh Thu Food Processing Company), Ong Phu waffle (Hung Phu Cooperative), Thong Nhat wood iron door (Thong Nhat Trade and Service Company), high-tech mechanical products (QTH Mechanical Production and Trade Company), Viet Thai natural wood iron door (Viet Thai Technological Equipment Company) and mould products (Song Hong Technology Investment and Development Company).


Minh Huong
Typical rural industrial product recognition: Motivation to improve quality, expand market
(BGO) - The Ministry of Industry and Trade has just announced the list of typical rural industrial products at the national level in 2020. Bac Giang province has three selected products in the list. This is a great advantage for local units to affirm their brands and expand the market, while helping professional agencies detect, honor and continue to support production and business development.
Yellow flower tea, OCOP product in Luc Nam district
(BGO) – Currently, Luu Chanh Herbal Production Cooperative in Truong Son commune, Luc Nam district (Bac Giang province) has linked to build material area of yellow flower tea on about 20 ha. To meet the market demand, the Cooperative invested in modern processing line. 
Bac Giang: Industrial production index up ten percent in ten months
(BGO) – In October 2021, the industrial production index in Bac Giang province saw high increase comparing to the same period with 3.7 percent, rising 21.2 percent year on year.
Bac Giang adjusts screening test for labours in industrial production businesses
(BGO) – Basing on local Covid-19 situation in Bac Giang province, the Steering Committee for assisting business in production development and disease prevention on October 16 issued document to adjust the SARS-CoV-2 screening test by RT-PCR for labours at industrial production companies in the province.
Luc Ngan supports consumption of orange, pomelo and signature products
(BGO)- Currently, the citrus growing area in Luc Ngan district, Bac Giang province is 6,740 hectares including 4,142 hectares of orange, 2,252 hectares of pomelo and 346 hectares of other citrus trees. The annual output reaches more than 60,000 tonnes. 
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