Transporting lychees to border gates

Update: 09:13 | 16/06/2021

(BGO) – Authorities have created the most favorable conditions for the export of Bac Giang lychees during their journey from the garden to the Tan Thanh Border Gate in Lang Son province.

Prioritizing vehicles carrying lychees with "green lane"

At over 3pm, trucks of the Hoang Tien Transport Co., Ltd. in Voi township (Lang Giang district) arrived at the purchase point in Phi Dien commune (Luc Ngan district).

Transporting lychees, border gates, Bac Giang province, most favorable conditions, Tan Thanh Border Gate, green lane

Specialized vehicles spray disinfectant over vehicles carrying lychees.

Vi Van Sau, the owner of the lychee purchase point, who boasts nearly 20 years of purchasing lychees, said compared to the previous years, this lychee crop faced many difficulties due to the impact of Covid-19 and a shortage of labor resources.

“This year, Vietnamese and Chinese traders could not come to Luc Ngan to purchase lychees, so they authorized us to do that, and the money was also fully transferred. Therefore, we are more conscious of implementing the agreements, keeping the prestige and quality of lychees for export," said Sau.

Thanks to the “green lane”, despite carrying heavy goods, the trucks finally arrived at the Tan Thanh Bus Station after only about 4 hours. Right at the gate, there is a sign stating "the lane exclusive for export lychees". Although it was very late, the staff of the Bao Nguyen Transportation Trading Joint Stock Company, the management and operation unit of the Tan Thanh Bus Station, persisted in guiding each vehicle running into a separate parking area for trucks carrying lychees.

Transporting lychees, border gates, Bac Giang province, most favorable conditions, Tan Thanh Border Gate, green lane

Drivers make medical declarations and have their temperature checked at Covid-19 checkpoints.

A representative of the company said that the unit arranged an area of thousands of square meters which can accommodate several hundreds of container trucks carrying lychees. There is a separate lane for these trucks to go in and out the station in the fastest manner. In addition, drivers from Bac Giang are arranged in a concentrated area, which is convenient for their activities while ensuring disease prevention and control measures.

Quick customs clearance

According to Dinh Trung Kien, Deputy Director of the Tan Thanh Border Gate Management Center, about 60,000 tonnes of lychees is exported through Tan Thanh every year.

Due to the close cooperation with Bac Giang province, before entering the lychee harvest season, the People's Committee of Lang Son province directed relevant departments, agencies and forces to create maximum conditions for the export of Bac Giang lychees to China.

Transporting lychees, border gates, Bac Giang province, most favorable conditions, Tan Thanh Border Gate, green lane

Staff of the Tan Thanh Border Gate (Lang Son province) arrange a "green lane" for lychee trucks.

Every day, there are 200-250 vehicles passing through the border gate, half of which carry lychees. From the gathering point to the border gate, Lang Son province has arranged a separate traffic lane for lychee trucks and named lychee in the list of priority commodities for quick clearance. Normally, it takes only 30 minutes to an hour for lychees to be cleared.

According to a representative of the Bac Giang provincial Department of Industry and Trade, in order to facilitate lychee sale, the unit established two groups to support lychee exportation at the border gates of Lao Cai and Lang Son provinces.

The Lao Cai provincial People's Committee has directed competent forces at the border gate to create a "green lane" for customs clearance to create maximum conditions for lychee exports to China via the Kim Thanh Border Gate. The Department of Industry and Trade of Lao Cai province has sent a note to authorities of Ha Khau district, Yunnan province (China), urging their continued support and facilitation for Vietnamese fresh lychees to be cleared through the Lao Cai (Vietnam) - Hekou (China) international border gates.

Lao Cai province also asked Chinese authorities to increase the number of specialized drivers to improve the capacity of goods clearance through the Kim Thanh International Border Gate. On peak days, they are asked to arrange competent forces to work overtime to promptly ship lychees.

The lychee is in the main season. The harvest time is short, so the facilitation and support of border management agencies in the circulation of goods is one of the important solutions to contribute to the favorable sale of the product, making growers enjoy the sweet fruit season.


Quoc Phuong
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