Son Dong attaches importance to developing wood processing industry

Update: 21:11 | 30/03/2021

(BGO) - With nearly 67,000 ha of forest, half of which is planted forest, Son Dong district boasts great potential for the development of the wood processing industry. Taking this advantage, the district has been calling on large enterprises to invest in this field.

The number of wood processing establishments increases rapidly

In 2015, realizing a large supply of raw wood in the locality, Nguyen Van Khanh (born in 1977) in Doan Ket residential area, Thanh Son township (now Tay Yen Tu township) spent 500 million VND (21,660 USD) building a workshop and installing wood processing lines. 

With more and more orders, Khanh applied for establishing the Khanh Nhan Co., Ltd., and invested additional 3 billion VND (130,000 USD) in buying more equipment for wood processing. Currently, the company processes 20 tonnes of raw wood every day, creating jobs for 15 local workers. 

“Currently, our three products namely peeled veneer, blockwood and woodchip are purchased by other processing companies from Bac Giang, Quang Ninh and Nam Dinh provinces. In the coming time, we will invest in upgrading the processing lines to expand production and improve product quality”, said Nguyen Van Khanh.

Son Dong, wood processing industry, large enterprises

Wood processing at the Khanh Nhan Company Limited.

According to statistics, in Son Dong district, there is no factory processing wood for export or business registering for processing finished wood products. The district is home to nearly 100 wood processing establishments, but most of them are small peeling and chopping facilities, mainly in the communes of Tuan Dao, Huu San and Duong Huu and Tay Yen Tu township. Notably, the newly established establishments are all large-scale and relatively modern in technology.

Raising the value of economic forests, wood products

As a highland district with a natural area of more than 86,000 ha, including nearly 67 ha covered by forest, half of which is planted forest, Son Dong has great potential and advantages for forest economic development. On average, each year, the area of planted forests for exploitation in the whole district reaches 4,000-4,500 ha, with output estimated at over 500,000cu.m of wood, and average yield of 95 million VND (4,110 USD) per ha per cycle (about 5 years).

Son Dong district has an estimated timber output of about 500,000cu.m per year. In 2020, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) issued sustainable forest certifications for groups of households in Tuan Dao commune, Huu San commune and An Chau township, with 1,300 ha of planted forests.

Hoang Lien Son, deputy head of the Son Dong Forest Protection Department, said: “People in the district earn about 500 billion VND (21.67 million USD) each year from planted forests and forest products, but it is still not commensurate with the potential. Most of the post-exploitation wood is just raw wood with low value”.

Over the past time, Son Dong district has planned to encourage and attract investment in processing wood from planted forests. To realize this plan, the district People's Committee proposed the district Party Committee issue a thematic resolution on strengthening forest management, protection and development; and improving the value of planted forests in the 2021-2025 period. In addition to the goal of protecting nearly 35,000 ha of existing natural forests, the district will focus on expanding the area of large-timber forests and shortening the harvesting cycle, striving to raise the productivity of planted forest wood to 25cu.m per ha per year for an average income of at least 25 million VND (1,080 USD) per ha per year.

Standing Vice Chairman of the district People's Committee Le Duc Thang said: “In the coming time, we will coordinate with businesses to survey wood processing facilities as well as the current status of production forests and harvesting cycle to map out material area planning, thereby luring wood processing factories with modern technology and large capacity. At the same time, the district will propose the province pay attention to building and upgrading transport infrastructure; introduce, select and attract enterprises with capacity, experience, modern equipment and technology in wood processing, thus enhancing the economic value of forests”.

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