Hiep Hoa builds traffic infrastructure, prioritizes routes connecting industrial parks and clusters

Update: 15:00 | 07/09/2022

(BGO) – Defining the importance of traffic infrastructure, Hiep Hoa district (Bac Giang province) has paid special attention to invest in building, revamping and upgrading local routes, hence creating connectivity for trade exchange and development motivation.

Expanding many new routes

Commencing in February 2022 with total investment of 483 billion VND (20.5 million USD), the 8km North South route connecting Thang town to belt road 4 has basically completed the road bed and accelerated the surface. As plan, it will be put in use by the end of this year, two months ahead of schedule.

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A section of North South road in Hiep Hoa district is paved.

Curently, Hiep Hoa district has focused on executing many traffic infrastructure projects. The district has revamped, upgraded and expanded 53km of road (accounting for 47.7 percent of the plan in 2021 – 2025 period) and 4 bridges (three were completed) with total cost of about 1.2 trillion VND.

Apart from projects invested by the district, the province has executed some key traffic projects in Hiep Hoa, typically the road and bridge linking Hiep Hoa district and Pho Yen city (Thai Nguyen province); 10.5km section from national road 37 to Hoa Son bridge totally worth about 540 billion VND which will be completed and put in use from June 2023.

Besides, Ha Bac 2 bridge and its paths connecting the branch of provincial road 398 in Dong Lo commune to Yen Phong industrial park and national road 18 in Bac Ninh province worth 358 billion VND has been constructed…

Developing external traffic network

The Resolution of Hiep Hoa district Party Congress tenure 2020 – 2025 defined to continue prioritizing investment in synchronous infrastructure with traffic infrastructure as focal point.

Hiep Hoa district has focused on executing many traffic infrastructure projects. The district has revamped, upgraded and expanded 53km of road (accounting for 47.7 percent of the plan in 2021 – 2025 period) and 4 bridges (three were completed) with total cost of about 1.2 trillion VND.

Chief of district Economy and Infrastructure Division Nguyen Van Hue said: “The district prioritizes and highly mobilized sources to developing external traffic network. By 2025, Hiep Hoa strives to complete building traffic routes to link industrial parks, clusters, service and new residential areas; concentrate investment to key routes and bridges over Cau river in line with the approved plan”.

Actually, the roads help open up more chances for local development. Particularly, the North South route will reduce the load for provincial road 295; become major transportation road of commodities to Vietnam Japan and Jutech industrial clusters after being completed by the end of this year; faciliate the development of new urban and residential areas such as South west of Thang town, Thuong Thang and Bac Ly.

Though the route connecting provincial road 295 to the dyke of Cau river only stretches about 2.5 km, it has key role to maintain smooth connectivity between Hoa Phu industrial park to other regions. Here, the district planned three new urban and residential areas in the communes of Mai Dinh and Huong Lam.

Hoa Son bridge will be constructed together with 19km route to link national road 37 to Pho Yen city (Thai Nguyen province) and directly to Yen Binh industrial park. At this section, Hiep Hoa is scheduled to open two or three more new urban areas.

The construction of Ha Bac 2 bridge and its paths proves optimal condition for the district to attract investment in logistics port. With such routes, the industrial parks and clusters seem to be closer, making Hiep Hoa district more connected and boosting up trade exchange to provinces of strong industrial development like Bac Ninh and Thai Nguyen.

According to the district leader, basing on the achivement, the district will continue accelerating attraction and effective use of sources; specifying policies of center and province that suit to actual district condition; concentrating district budget capital to invest in breakthrough traffic projects; well exploting land fund after expanding new road for developing synchronous urban and service in line with the plan and creating sources for development.

All contribute to successfully realize target of turning Hiep Hoa into a district with developed industry and high-technology agriculture as the center of Western driving force in Bac Giang province.

Quoc Truong
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