Bac Giang to build, develop synchronous and modern urban areas

Update: 19:41 | 15/04/2022

(BGO)- The provincial Party Committee of Bac Giang province has issued the Plan No 51-KH/TU to implement the Resolution No 06-NQ/TW on planning, construction, management and sustainable development of urban areas in Vietnam until 2030, with a vision towards 2045.

This plan is aimed to thoroughly grasp, realize and effectively implement the Resolution No 06-NQ/TW while promoting leadership of the party committee at all levels, responsibilities of the state management agencies, mobilizing engagement of the political system to build and develop urban areas in Bac Giang province synchronously, modernly and sustainably to become an important driving force for socio-economic development of the localities and the whole province.

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The technical and social infrastructure will be invested synchronously, modernly and environmentally friendly. The province will strive to accelerate and improve quality of urbanization and increase the rate of urbanization to be higher than the national average rate. 

The administrative system in urban areas must be effective and efficient. The quality of life in urban areas will be improved while security, social welfare and social order in urban areas are guaranteed. The province aims to develop modern, green and smart urban architecture while preserving identities and unique cultural features.

Particularly, the percentage of urbanization by 2025 is targeted at over 32.4 percent. The proportion of land for urban construction in total natural land area will be from 5 to 7 percent. The province targets to have 17 urban areas including 1 second-tier city (expanded Bac Giang city), 2 fourth-tier urban areas as towns (Viet Yen and Chu towns), 3 fourth-tier urban areas as townships (Thang, doi Ngo and Voi townships) and 11 fifth-tier townships including 7 existing townships and 4 newly established ones.

The administrative boundary of Bac Giang city will be expanded (all of the administrative boundaries of Yen Dung district will be merged into Bac Giang city). The administrative boundaries of Luc Ngan district will be adjusted into Chu town and Luc Ngan district.

By 2030, the rate of urbanization is targeted at more than 55 percent. The proportion of land for urban construction in total natural land area will be from 7 to 9 percent. The province targets to have 25 urban areas including 1 first-tier city (Bac Giang city), 1 third-tier urban area (Viet Yen town), 2 fourth-tier towns (Hiep Hoa and Chu towns), 2 fourth-tier townships (Doi Ngo and Voi townships) and 19 fifth-tier townships including 9 newly established ones in period of 2026-2030.

In order to achieve the set targets, 6 groups of tasks and solution are provided in the Plan, particularly finalizing mechanism and policies to facilitate the process of urbanization, planning, construction, management and sustainable development of the urban areas. Improving quality of urban planning to meet the requirements of urban construction, management and sustainable development. Paying attention to building and developing the urban system sustainably and synchronously in network.

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