Ngan Giang Company export vinegar to China

Update: 19:24 | 18/06/2021

(BGO) – After the time of product offering to seek market, Bac Giang based Ngan Giang Commerce Company Limited (Ngan Giang Co.,Ltd) has recently inked contract to export their products to Chinese market. 

Its Director Bach Kim Ngan said: “Our company has inked contract to export lychee and apple vinegar to new partner in China with the volume of over 21,000 bottles. Now, Bach Ngan Co.,Ltd is focusing on production to timely deliver the order to customer”.

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Various kinds of vinegar of Ngan Giang Co.,Ltd.

Exporting to this market opens up new chance for the business to widen the market and gain more revenue.

Apart from apple and lychee vinegar, Ngan Giang Co.,Ltd has many other products such as apricot, garlic and chilli vinegar which are now popularly sold at big supermarkets in Vietnam and exported to foreign countries of Australia and Lao.

These above mentioned products are made from farm produce and naturally fermented so they taste differently with light sour and safe for users’ health. Ngan Giang Co.,Ltd monthly sells about 40,000 liter of vinegar of all kinds.

Truong Son

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