Nha Trang’s steamed sticky rice with braised anchovies offers a unique taste of the sea

Update: 21:11 | 08/05/2022

Nha Trang is not just well known for its beautiful beaches and natural landscapes, but also many tasty dishes such as ‘xoi’ (steamed sticky rice) with braised anchovies, locally referred to as ‘xoi ca com’.

The dish is a popular breakfast choice among locals thanks to its rich flavours and cheap price of between 7,000 VND-10,000 VND (less than 1 USD).

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A colourful plate of ' xoi ca com’ is a popular breakfast in Nha Trang.

Apart from the soft and fragrant sticky rice, the most important part of the dish is the braised fish.

To cook the dish, fresh anchovies are braised with dried onion, chilli, pepper and a bit of pork fat for at least two hours.

The secret is to braise the fish, ensuring there is no odour.

‘Xoi ca com’ is a favourite dish not only among locals but also foreign tourists and travellers visiting Nha Trang.

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Source: NDO/VNS

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