Hanoi eggnog shop still going strong, 32 years on

Update: 12:45 | 11/11/2020

Eggnog might have gone out of fashion, but a Hanoi cafe has been whisking up the delectable creamy beverage nonstop since 1988.

Known in Vietnam as "kem trung" or egg cream, many Hanoians are likely to profess fond childhood memories of the drink. At a time when snacks were few and far between, just bread dipped in the creamy eggnog was considered a "high-end" dish.

Hanoi eggnog shop, going strong, 32 years, Hanoi cafe,  delectable creamy beverage, kem trung, high-end dish

A variation of eggnogs and drinks at Ba Khanh Eggnog shop in Hanoi.

Among the handful of establishments still serving the drink, Kem Trung Ba Khanh (Ba Khanh Eggnog) at 55B Hai Ba Trung Street is arguably the most popular, continuing to welcome several generations of Hanoians and foreigners.

With a spacious, shaded sidewalk in front, most customers opt to sit outside the shop and watch the world go by as they sip one of eight varieties of eggnog that the cafe has on its menu.

No other establishment serves so many eggnog varieties, giving this cafe another USP (unique selling point).

The traditional recipe comprises two egg yolks and a touch of sugar beaten until smooth and fluffy. To this, customers can request the addition of a flavorful ingredient of their choice - coffee, honey, matcha, vanilla, mung bean, and even beer. However, most requests are for the traditional, plain eggnog.

Hanoi eggnog shop, going strong, 32 years, Hanoi cafe,  delectable creamy beverage, kem trung, high-end dish

Ba Khanh Eggnog is arguably the most popular eggnog shop in the city.

Eggnog is best served hot, when it retains its fragrance. It is also a good idea to dip a piece of hot, crispy bread into the cup of fluffy, not overly sweet eggnog to enjoy a delectable afternoon snack.

The cafe also serves another famous Hanoi drink, the egg coffee and several trendy drinks including the Ha Long bubble yogurt with nine different flavors; apart from other Vietnamese staples like apricot, plum, dracontomelon and tamarind juices.

A cup of eggnog is priced at VND25,000 ($1.07), plus VND5,000 for a slice of bread. Egg coffee or cocoa costs VND30,000 a cup and the bubble yoghurt, VND25,000. Other drinks cost around VND20,000 a glass.

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