Fried sweet potato cake: A delightful popular Vietnamese dessert to indulge in

Update: 10:04 | 01/04/2019

Fried cakes made from sweet potatoes and wheat flour are a delightful popular dessert in Vietnam. They would be an unforgettable memory for somebody discovering Vietnamese street food.

Sweet potatoes for the cakes should have orange or dark yellow skin, as white sweet potatoes are less sweet than orange ones. One sweet potato is enough to make two fried potato cakes.

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Fried sweet potato cake: A delightful popular Vietnamese dessert to indulge in.

Sweet potatoes are then sliced before being mixed with wheat flour, which should be soaked in water 30 minutes before frying.

The cooking oil should be filled to the brim, for the best cake quality. After about 2 to 3 minutes of frying, the cakes are served hot to maximise their crispiness. A tip for perfecting the dish is adding a little lemon juice to the frying pan to get a crisper shell and give the cakes a deeper brown colour.

These cakes have many other versions. There’s a sweet one with filling made from green beans, coconut, and sugar and there’s a savoury one with filling made from minced meat, mushrooms, and onions. These cakes are absolutely stunning, beautiful with golden brown shells.

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