My Do green bean sweetened porridge: rustic specialty

Update: 15:07 | 23/01/2019

(BGO) - The people at My Do ward, Bac Giang city in the northern province of Bac Giang still preserve the secrets of making the well-known delicious Che kho (green bean sweetened porridge). On special occasions, this traditional dish is a significant offering to the ancestor and a meaningful gift to the relatives as well. 

Although Che kho My Do is a simple rustic dish, its sweet and cool taste is unforgettable. Che kho is light yellow which is the color of bean and fried white sesame on the surface. The fragrant bean, sesame and refined sugar are mixed to create the special taste of the dish.

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A dish of My Do green bean sweetened porridge.

According to the experience of My Do people, it takes a number of steps to make delicious sweetened porridge. The first step is to choose good ingredients especially bean. Green bean should be soaked in water for about three hours then washed out the skin, removed grits and rotten seeds. 

Then the bean is well steamed in a pot. The fire should be low enough to ensure the bean is cooked well. When the bean pot is boiled, you should remove the foam on the surface and continue to cook the bean until it becomes kneaded then put sugar in and a bit oil to make it easy to remove from plate.

While cooking steps decide the quality of the product, putting it on the plate is also an important step to make an eye-catching porridge plate. The cook must be skillful to take the porridge when it is hot and carefully put it on the plate into round, flat and lustrous shape. 

Finally, the porridge will be sliced into triangle-pieces. It is really happy to gather with our family on Tet and enjoy delicious Che kho My Do together.

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