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Update: 15:34 | 24/01/2020

(BGO) - On the days ahead of Tet (Lunar New Year), coming to Then village, Thai Dao commune (Lang Giang district, Bac Giang province), visitors can not only watch flowers and hear the violin but also admire the hundreds-year-old houses, with gentle people and a pure Vietnamese village space.

Passion for music

Talking to us at the village communal house near a blue lake, Nguyen Quang Khoa, head of the village’s Violin Club, said that the Then villagers not only do business well with flower growing all year round but always retain their unique culture for many generations. The generations of local people have a passion for playing the violin, an art originated from Europe.

Then village, violin, Bac Giang province, Lunar New Year, hundreds-year-old houses, gentle people, pure Vietnamese village space

The young generations of Then village continue their forefathers’ passion for music.

The Violin Club of Then village now has more than 10 members who play a core role in inspiring generations in the village with their passion for music. The violin sounds of Then village not only resound in rural houses but also are heard at exchanges and performances in many places.

The violin sounds appeared in Then village more than half a century ago. At that time, after one night listening to the provincial art troupe performing in the commune, some of the village’s music lovers were very interested and voluntarily contributed money to invite teachers from Hanoi to the village to teach how to play the violin. For nearly 60 years, the violin sounds have never stopped resounding in this peaceful village.

On a year-end Saturday afternoon, in the yard of the house of Ha Van Chinh, a member of the village Violin Club, nearly a dozen children were enthusiastically pulling each melodious note from the lovely violins on their shoulders. They are all in 5th grade. With a passion for the violin, in the afternoons of the week, Chinh enthusiastically teaches them how to play the instrument. He has maintained this job for 4 years.

Keeping old houses

Sitting under an old house built hundreds of years ago and made entirely of ironwood, the couple of Nguyen Van Bia, one of the "artists" told us about the history of formation and development of the village.

According to him, Then village was set up nearly a thousand years ago. The land of Then village is considered the most fertile area. Bia and his wife have six children. His children have grown up, with the eldest son being a lecturer at the National College for Education (Hanoi). 

Then village, violin, Bac Giang province, Lunar New Year, hundreds-year-old houses, gentle people, pure Vietnamese village space

A corner of Then village.

Occasionally, on the weekends, especially when Tet comes, Bia’s children and grandchildren gather in the old house to recall memories and listen to the violin played by their father and grandfather.

Going back to Then village today, we not only hear the violin but also admire the ancient houses dating back hundreds of years like that of Bia’s family, whichc create a pure Vietnamese village space.

“Then village now has more than 30 ancient houses like this. People are always aware of preserving them as treasures of their lineages and families,” said Ha Van Thieu, the village head.

Then village now has 732 households. The special thing here is that almost every household has several ornate ornamental pots with immeasurably high rows of areca grown in the garden, next to the pond and along the path.

Giap Van Nguyen has about 300 large and small areca trees, of which 124 have produced fruit for the 10th year. His family earns about 30 million VND each year from this areca garden, together with more than 10 million VND from selling areca saplings.

The entrance to Then village during the days before Tet is bustling because people from everywhere come to buy flowers. Inside every house is a peaceful, warm setting. Perhaps, through their passion for music, the people of Then village have also fostered the culture of gentleness and hospitality.

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