Coming to Khe Ro to enjoy “forest melodies”

Update: 15:57 | 26/05/2022

(BGO)- Khe Ro eco-tourism site is inside the Tay Yen Tu Natural Reserve in An Lac commune, Son Dong district, Bac Giang province. This place featured with primitive forests, beautiful natural landscapes and diversified flora and fauna systems is a typical of forest ecosystem in Northeastern Vietnam, an interesting destination for those who love discovering, experiencing and studying traditional cultural features of the Tay, Hoa and Dao ethnic groups.

Khe Ro primitive forest covers an area of more than 7,000 hectares in 3 valleys of Khe Ro, Khe Din and Khe Nuoc Vang. Due to high mountainous topography, this area has fresh and cool climate with average temperature from 24 to 28 Celsius degrees in summer while it is warm in winter thanks to dense forest canopies.

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Tourists experience in Khe Ro tourism site.

The forest here is diversified with 768 species of flora and 226 species and species of fauna with economic, environmental and genetic resource values. Among the flora species, there are 43 rare and precious ones like ironwood, cheesy wood, cypress tree, fokienia hodginsii, juniper tree, agarwood, Chukrasia tabularis and seven-leave tree.

Specially, when discovering and experiencing the ecosystem of Khe Ro primitive forest, tourists will have opportunity to admire the spectacular natural landscape with majestic mountain ranges.

Many ground water arteries run across the valleys to form the streamlines including 2 big streams called Suoi Nuoc Vang and Khe Din. One is called Suoi Nuoc Vang because the water of this stream has gold colour like honey while Khe Din stream stretches creating high waterfalls.

The waterfalls creates crystal lakes which we can see the bottom. Crossing some small streams along the mountainside, tourists will be surprised at a colourful natural picture created by the old forests. Besides, you will have chance to know the banyan tree of love on the stream bank, where witnessed love stories of many An Lac couples coming to confide, then getting married.

Besides, tourists will also listen to interesting and beautiful “forest melodies” like the sound of stone music instrument from thousand years ago mingling with each other in the peaceful forest. That sound comes from the concrete slabs covering the canals that irrigate water from top of the mountains to serve living needs and production. 

On the way, tourists will become artists to create “forest melodies” with their own footsteps on the concrete slabs like piano keyboards. This is also the path to Vung Tron (round lake”), spectacular Khau Tron peak and primitive woods with very big ancient trees.

The area of Khe Ro primitive forest is home to many ethnic groups like Tay, Dao, Hoa and Kinh. Each ethnic group has different unique customs and practices.

When coming here, in line with discovering the cultural identities of the ethnic groups, tourists will also have opportunity to enjoy special local dishes such as red-eye carp, snail, stream fish, forest ant egg, sticky rice with ant egg, forest vegetable and bamboo shoot.

Khe Ro primitive forest has enough convenient conditions to develop various types of tourism such as eco-tourism, adventurous tourism, research tourism and leisure travel.

In recent years, the provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism has actively collaborated with the people’s committee of Son Dong district, An Lac commune and An Lac community-based tourism cooperative to establish and exploit the community-based tourist site aiming to upgrade this destination into one of the typical community-based tourist sites in Bac Giang province.

Nguyen Truong Sinh

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