IOC - Intelligent operation "brain"

Update: 07:12 | 01/05/2023

(BGO) - Bac Giang province has just put into operation the Intelligent Operations Center (IOC), which is expected to become a "digital brain" gathering all socio-economic data of the province, thus facilitating the management and monitoring of authorities at all levels; and improving the quality of serving the people.

To realize the goal of building e-government, for many years, Bac Giang province has focused resources to invest in infrastructure and digital application to serve the authorities’ direction and management, with the building of the IOC as an important task. After all of its items are completed, the center will promote its role as a core system for the formation of an advanced smart city, contributing to improving the quality of people's lives and the operation efficiency of state agencies.

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Staff of the Department of Information and Communications operate Bac Giang province’s on-the-scene information system.

The IOC has invested in six internal software systems, including management system; dashboard integration system; socio-economic information synthesization system; on-the-scene information system; mobile application for people and businesses; mobile application for officials and civil servants. There is also commercial software - a virtual assistant system that supports those using digital transformation and smart city application (Chatbot). 

According to the plan, the Intelligent Operations Centre of Bac Giang province will be operated in two phases. In the first phase, from March 1 to May 31, 2023, the center runs an on-the-scene information system and a mobile application for people and businesses in Bac Giang city; and other systems throughout the province. It will operate all software systems in the IOC Bac Giang, including commercial software, in the second phase starting from June 1, 2023.

These are essential systems that allow monitoring, analysis and forecasting of the province’s socio-economic indicators; receive, coordinate and handle complaints and petitions from individuals and organizations, actively supporting the direction and management of agencies’ leaders and enabling people to interact with state agencies.

One of the key systems of the IOC is an on-the-scene information system - a channel for interaction between citizens and state agencies. Recently, the provincial People's Committee has established a team for operating the system.

After a period of research and learning from many localities in the country, Bac Giang has put into operation the provincial IOC (IOC Bac Giang).

According to Pham Van Da, deputy chief of the Office of the provincial People's Committee, initially, the IOC has met the most basic requirements, providing some information for the direction and management of provincial leaders. In the future, it will integrate and supplement databases from all sectors such as education, health, environmental resources, security cameras, administrative procedure settlement system, he said.

IOC, Intelligent operation brain, Bac Giang province, put into operation, Intelligent Operations Center, digital brain, socio-economic data, serving the people

Officers of the Department of Information and Communications and Ngo Quyen ward, Bac Giang city instruct people to download and use BacGiang-C application on mobile phones.

A smart city needs to take people and businesses as the center. If people and businesses actively participate and interact with the systems, the feasibility of the programme will increase. Therefore, the provincial People's Committee should promote popularization and guide the people to use the on-the-scene information system and mobile application for people and businesses in a positive way, aiming to make the homeland of Bac Giang richer and more beautiful. 

Professional agencies, People's Committees of districts and Bac Giang city have raised their responsibilities in receiving and handling feedback from the people. The provincial People's Committee should soon issue regulations on operation, exploitation and use of the provincial IOC systems, ensuring efficiency.


Vy Nguyen
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