Bac Giang supports 219,000 USD to build 150 “great unity houses”

Update: 16:36 | 24/04/2023

(BGO) – The Steering Committee for the “Fund for the Poor” in Bac Giang province has decided to mobilize 5.1 billion VND (219,000 USD) to support poor households in 8 districts to build “great unity houses” in 2023.

The above mentioned amount was sourced from the “Fund for the Poor”of Vietnam Fatherland Front’s Committee and the province.

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Poor household in Lan Mau commune (Luc Nam district) receives support amount to build great unity house.

The beneficial districts included Son Dong, Yen The, Luc Nam, Luc Ngan, Hiep Hoa, Tan Yen, Yen Dung and Lang Giang. Each house received 30 million VND (up 10 million VND) while each family in Son Dong district was supported 50 million VND (up 30 million VND).

The supported amount was handed over by the Standing Board of the Fatherland Front’s Committee in the districts to proper cases so as to help them recover the housing difficulties.

Son Dong district received the biggest amount of 1.5 billion VND for 30 houses (from the Fund of Vietnam Fatherland Front’s Committee). The provincial fund mobilized 3.6 billion VND to assist Yen The, Luc Nam and Luc Ngan districts to build 20 houses each (each district received 600 million VND) while other districts of Hiep Hoa, Tan Yen, Yen Dung and Lang Giang each was provided with 450 million VND to build 15 houses.

Tung Lam
Good deed for the poor in Bac Giang on Tet occasion
(BGO) – On January 3, Member of the Standing Board of the provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Fatherland Front’s Committee in Bac Giang province Tran Cong Thang visited to extend Tet gifts and greetings to the poor in Lang Giang district.
Bac Giang receives 2.4 billion VND as Tet gift for the poor in Son Dong
(BGO) – On December 27, the People’s Committee in Bac Giang province (PPC) received donation for Tet gift to the poor in Son Dong district from businesses operating at the provincial industrial parks.
Hiep Hoa district launches Van Banh Chung festival and Tet for the poor
(BGO) – On December 18, the People’s Committee in Hiep Hoa district (Bac Giang province), the district Fatherland Front’s Committee and organization co-hosted  Van Banh Chung festival, Reunited Tet holiday and event to introduce outstanding rural products as well as lanched movement “Tet for the poor” in 2023.
Good deed of women entrepreneurs in Luc river for the poor
(BGO) – Luc Nam district is the first localities in Bac Giang province to establish district Women Entrepreneur Club (nowadays Women Entrepreneur Division) since 2002. For 20 years, it has been a shared home to connect members who are good at production, business and active in charity for the community.
Nearly 394,000 USD donated to Bac Giang Fund for the poor
(BGO) – The Standing Board of Fatherland Front’s Committee (FFC) in Bac Giang province received nearly 9.8 billion VND (394,000 USD) from organizations, agencies and businesses donating to the Fund for the poor at all levels in the Action month for the Poor (October 17 till November 18, 2022).

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