Red Journey spreads "Connecting Vietnamese blood" message

Update: 16:41 | 18/07/2022

(BGO) - On the morning of July 17, at the provincial Convention Center, the provincial Steering Committee for Voluntary Blood Donation launched the "Red Journey" programme in 2022 and the blood donation festival with the message "Red blood drops of love". After 10 years of responding to the cross-Vietnam blood donation campaign, the awareness of the blood donation movement to save lives among people of all strata in the province has changed positively.

Extensive communications for changing awareness

This year, the "Red Journey" is taking place from June 2 to the end of July, passing through 46 provinces and cities with the goal of receiving 120,000 blood units.

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Volunteers help with blood donation.

Responding to the programme since its launch, Bac Giang province has so far attracted tens of thousands of participants and received nearly 17,000 blood units. In 2021, despite being heavily affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, Bac Giang still received 1,500 units of blood during the "Red Journey" programme, exceeding the set plan by 50 percent.

In order to promote the programme and spread it to more people, right after the launching ceremony, volunteers marched on the streets of Bac Giang city, delivering the meaningful message "Connecting Vietnamese blood".

The scale of the programme and the enthusiasm of the volunteers created a strong ripple effect. Nguyen Thi Hoa (born in 1985) from Thanh Thien street, Le Loi ward (Bac Giang city) said: “The red shirts of the marching delegation attracted my attention. From the messages and slogans about voluntary blood donation and the leaflets distributed by volunteers, I understood the noble meaning of blood donation to save lives. So today I decided to participate in blood donation with the desire to help patients in need of blood."

Drops of blood given, love left

"Red Journey" - the campaign for blood donation through Vietnam has become a familiar programme for humanitarian workers. Because the message "Connecting Vietnamese blood" always needs to be spread when there are still patients with congenital hemolysis and people who need urgent blood transfusion during emergency surgery to maintain life.

Red Journey, Connecting Vietnamese blood, Bac Giang province, Voluntary Blood Donation, cross-Vietnam blood donation campaign, blood donation movement, Extensive communications, changing awareness

The voluntary blood donation festival in response to the "Red Journey" programme attracts the participation of a large number of officials, public servants and residents.

The case of Ha Van Nghi in Xuan Huong commune (Lang Giang district) is an example. On the night of July 12, he had to be hospitalized as he was constantly coughing up blood and his blood pressure dropped. The patient needed an emergency blood transfusion, endoscopic intervention, and intensive resuscitation to raise blood pressure. Thanks to the blood reserve at the hospital, Nghi was treated in time. Now, his health has gradually stabilized.

As for about 60 children (from 1-15 years old) with congenital hemolytic disease (Thalassaemia) being treated at the General Department of Pediatrics under the provincial Mothers and Children Hospital, the blood drops of love shared by the community have helped them have more opportunities to prolong their lives.

This year's "Red Journey", Bac Giang province set a goal of receiving at least 2,000 blood units in July, easing the shortage of blood in the summer and raising people's awareness of voluntary blood donation and some blood diseases. To complete the plan, the programme called on officials, party members, youth and people of all classes in the province to actively register for blood donation to save patients. This is both the love and sacred responsibility of each person for the community, spreading the spirit of solidarity and "mutual love" of the nation.

At the blood donation festival in response to the programme, with the message "Red blood drops of love", ending on July 17, 1,985 units of blood were received, nearly meeting the plan set out for the whole campaign in July.


Ngoc Anh - Tuong Vi
“Red Journey” blood donation programme to take place in 46 provinces and cities
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The entire nation is striving to mobilise 1.5 percent of the population to donate 1.5 million blood units this year, heard a January 14 conference held by the national steering committee for blood donation.
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