Bac Giang students stop going to school but keep studying amid Covid-19 pandemic

Update: 20:34 | 08/11/2021

(BGO) – For ten days from October 26 to November 4, Covid-19 pandemic has outbroken at several localities in Bac Giang province including schools with severe impact on teaching and studying activities. The local authorities and educational sector have implemented various measures to reduce the consequences on the students.

Thousands of students stop going to school, 61 schools become quarantine sites

On November 4, Lang Giang district detected dozens of Covid-19 patients, including T.V.B (born in 1987) in Noi Con No.1 village, Huong Lac commune who works as driver to deliver students at Huong Lac Primary School. After tracing period till the morning of November 5, there are 77 students with close contact to the infected case (F1) and 757 others with close contact to F1 (F2). All F1 cases were taken to centralized quarantine site immediately on November 4.

Bac Giang students, Bac Giang province, stop going to school, keep studying, Covid-19 pandemic, quarantine sites, educational programme

Primary students are under centralized quarantine at Huong Lac Kindergarten School.

According to Dang Thieu Quang, Head of Lang Giang district Division of Education and Training, the district had one teacher and 123 students as F1, 172 teachers and over 2,200 students as F2.

All local schools suspended operation and switched to online teaching and studying activities from November 5. Seven kindergarten facilities are used as quarantine sites. Many families must take turn to stay at home to care for their children, support them in online studying or ask relatives to assist to go to work.

In Yen The district, hundreds of parents in Dong Son and Huong Vi Kindergarten Schools were so surprised when knowing about the disease cluster in the area few days ago. 26,400 students of 62 local schools were affected.

Bac Giang students, Bac Giang province, stop going to school, keep studying, Covid-19 pandemic, quarantine sites, educational programme

Teacher at Quang Thinh Primary School in Lang Giang district provides online lesson to students.

When the disease outbroke at Thuong Lan commune and company in the industrial park, 55,000 students in 70 educational facilities in Viet Yen district must stop going to school and follow online studying.

Flexibly respond to keep studying

Right after suspending in-person teaching and studying, the schools quickly switched the status. According to teacher Phan Thi Hai Yen, Head Mistress of Huong Lac Primary School where 73 students became F1 for close contact to infected driver, now all F1 cases are under isolation at Nghia Hoa and Huong Lac Kindergarten Schools. Two teachers at the shool voluntarily enter the quarantine sites at Huong Lac Kindergarten School to take care of and manage the children.

Bac Giang students, Bac Giang province, stop going to school, keep studying, Covid-19 pandemic, quarantine sites, educational programme

Students at Dong Son Primary School (Bac Giang city) is presented device for online studying.

Due to low Internet speed in these facilities, the homeroom teachers assign exercise to students via the teachers at the quarantine site. The students get instruction to do the exercise as well as evaluation on the spot.

Regarding the remaining students, teachers connect to their parents to select suitable time for online teaching and studying while linking and calling for donations to provide mobile devices for 30 impoverished students.

Viet Yen district has equipped totally 180 online classrooms, 75 for secondary schools and 105 for primary schools. Teachers at these facilities have proactively recovered difficulties, selected key lessons for teaching.

Mean while in Yen The district, the district Division of Education and Training established assistance teams to guide teachers in online teaching activity. In the first days, the rate of students joining online class hit 83 percent at secondary and 79 percent at primary levels.

Bac Giang students, Bac Giang province, stop going to school, keep studying, Covid-19 pandemic, quarantine sites, educational programme

Health worker takes samples of child at Huong Vi Kindergatern School (Yen The district).

Comparing to inperson teaching, online format is a necessary solution to ensure safety for students amid the risk of disease infection. However, many teachers addressed several difficulties in exchanging between teachers and students or among students.

At several localities of Viet Yen and Bac Giang city, some disadvantaged students were provided devices to have online lessons so as to catch up with the educational programme.

Amid the current complicated development of Covid-19, each person, especially labour at close contact environment must raise the awareness to strictly follow 5K messages of khau trang (face masks), khu khuan (disinfection), khoang cach (distancing), khong tu tap (no gatherings), and khai bao y te (health declarations); healthy lifestyle and take responsibility for the personal health, relatives and community.


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