Made in Vietnam goods dominate the Bac Giang market ahead Tet

Update: 20:56 | 02/02/2021

(BGO)- The campaign “Vietnamese people prioritise using made-in-Vietnam goods” has been deeply conducted. Due to impact of Covid-19 pandemic that limits imported goods, made-in-Vietnam products dominate the Bac Giang market this Tet occasion.

On surveying the essential commodity market at the traditional markets in Luc Nam district, shops, supermarkets and trade centers in Bac Giang city, we can see the domestic goods are affirmed their position and occupy most of the display areas.

Vietnam goods, the market ahead Tet

Booths for workers in industrial parks attract participation of many made-in-Vietnam product suppliers.

According to the owner of Thuan Tuan shop on Thanh Hung street, Doi Ngo township, Luc Nam district, Tet goods are diversified with stable prices this year which are mainly domestic products due to scarce of foreign goods with high prices due to the pandemic’s impacts. Last year, many types of imported confectionery and alcohol were used for Tet gift baskets.

“This Lunar New Year occasion, we only include foreign-made bottles of wine or confectionery in the Tet gift baskets upon costumers ‘requests provided that they accept high prices. Most of the Tet gift baskets are made-in Vietnam products”, said the shop owner.

Made-in-Vietnam commodities not only prevail over foreign-made goods on the shelves of Co.op mart, Vinmart and big C but they are also displayed at eye-catching positions.

Made-in- Vietnam products dominate almost the shelves of Big C Bac Giang with 90 percent focusing on typical products of the localities nationwide including Chu rice noodle and Tho Ha rice paper of Bac Giang. Besides, the super market launches “non-profit fresh pork” sale programme at import prices to encourage use of domestic products.

Besides, Co.op mart sells 95 percent of domestic goods, only applies sale programmes on some types of Vietnamese goods and actively participates in the “bringing Vietnamese goods to rural areas” programme ahead Tet in Viet Yen district to stimulate consumption of local people and the mass of workers in industrial parks.

Tien Thanh Production, Trade and Service Company Limited in Bac Giang city specializes in supplying commodities to about 6,000 shops and retailers in the entire province. On this Lunar New Year occasion, the company supplies essential goods worth some 100 billion VND (4.3 million USD), 95 percent of which are produced by domestic businesses.

Hoang Viet Bach, the Company’s Deputy General Director explained that many suppliers face obstacles in importing foreign products due to impacts of Covid-19 pandemic. Moreover, consumers are changing their habits of preferring to patronize foreign-made goods while they tend to use more Vietnamese products.

A number of enterprises and consumers stated that the demand for made- in- Vietnam products is increasing, thus goods supply on this Tet occasion is changing dramatically proving that the “Vietnamese people prioritise using made-in-Vietnam goods” campaign has been widely and in-depth spreading.

According to the provincial Fatherland Front Committee (the Standing agency of the “Vietnamese people prioritise using made-in-Vietnam goods” campaign in the province), after 10 years, the campaign has made positive changes in perception of the local party committee, government, fatherland front, unions, enterprises and consumers in Bac Giang about made-in-Vietnam goods. Annually, the agencies and units take many measures to boost spreading of the campaign.

There is good news from the Vietnamese goods market this Tet occasion that the domestic production facilities and suppliers pay more attention to consumers’ demands to provide products suitable for Vietnamese people’s tastes and trusted by consumers.

“Suppliers will continue selling imported goods when consumers still prefer to buy foreign-made commodities. As people pay attention to using domestic products, producers and traders must meet their reasonable demands”, stressed Hoang Viet Bach.

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