Bac Giang’s local specialties attract customers on year-end occasion

Update: 20:57 | 29/01/2021

(BGO)- Lunar New Year is coming in next 2 weeks when many people are seeking for good dishes and regional specialties for their family’s meals or making gifts. Bac Giang’s popular products such as Van “chung” cake, Luc Ngan sweet pomelo, Chu rice noodle and Tho Ha rice paper are in great demand.

These days, the chung cake boiling oven of Le Thi Gai’s family (born in 1951) in Hoang Lien village, Hoang An commune, Hiep Hoa district is working every time.

According to Gai, she makes about 5 big pots of chung cakes (equivalent to 1 hundredweight of rice) per day on Tet occasion, thus, she often hires from 4 to 6 people to wash dong leaves and wrap cakes.


Bac Giang’s local specialtie, customers, at year-end occasion

Le Thi Gai’s family in Hoang Lien village, Hoang An commune, Hiep Hoa district makes chung cake.

“Apart from wholesale and retail customers, my customers are also agencies and companies who often order in big quantity at the end of the year”, said Gai.

In order to make delicious chung cakes, it takes a sophisticated process from choosing wrapping leaves, glutinous rice, green bean and pork. As cake makers in the communes of Hoang Van and Hoang An are aware of protecting the trademark of Van chung cake, they strictly follow every process. Thanks to customers’ trust, people in Hoang Van and Hoang An communes supply thousands of chung cakes to the market on Tet occasion.

Luc Ngan district is famous for a number of specialties such as Chu rice noodle, sweet pomelo, sweet orange, yellow-flesh orange and V2 orange, which are sought by many customers ahead Tet.

Bac Giang’s local specialtie, customers, at year-end occasion

The chicken ham product

According to Nguyen The Thi, Vice Chairman of Luc Ngan district people’s committee, thanks to the pomelo’s characteristics with tasty pulps, sweet and cool flavour which can be even better to keep the fruits for a long time, many pomelo gardens in the district especially the gardens of 7 to 10-year old trees were ordered by traders 1 month ago.

The output of circus trees in the district this year is estimated at some 63,000 tonnes.

Regarding Chu rice noodle, in line with quality, the business households have paid attention to establishing trademark and packaging design with eye-catching patterns. Thus, the signature products of Luc Ngan district have been brought as gifts to every province and city across the country even abroad contributing to promoting the cuisine culture of the homeland.

Bac Giang’s local specialtie, customers, at year-end occasion

Different types of Luc Ngan orange and pomelo attract customers

A bowl of mien (cellophane noodle) is a must-have dish for every Vietnamese traditional meal. Thanks to tough noodle strings, which can be kept for a long time and sold at affordable price, Son Dong cellophane noodle always attract buyers.

Besides, many other specialties of Bac Giang are also sold well such as Tan My Che lam (a kind of Vietnamese sweetened porridge), My Do che kho (mung bean pudding) in Bac Giang city, Song Van gio cake in Tan Yen district, Tho Ha rice paper, Van village liquor in Viet Yen district and Yen The chicken pie.

As Tet is an occasion for family reunion to enjoy delicious dishes, Doan Thi Huong in Huong Gian commune, Yen Dung district has made plan for shopping in many recent weeks. Huong makes a menu for Tet including 20 dishes with many specialties like Yen The chicken ham, Chu rice noodles and Son Dong dried bamboo shoots.

“Due to my busy work at the end of the year, I do not have much time to go to the traditional markets or shopping malls to buy products whilst every product is available on online markets which we just need to check and select items then shippers will bring them directly to us. That’s convenient”, said Huong.

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