Covid-19 prevention and control in Bac Giang: Complying with quarantine procedures at hotels

Update: 20:10 | 18/01/2021

BGO - The provincial People's Committee has designated three hotels as quarantine sites for foreign workers and experts. They include Muong Thanh, Ravatel Inn and Huong Sen in Bac Giang city. The medical monitoring has been strictly observed at hotels.

Around-the-clock monitoring

Ravatel Inn has 11 floors, with floors 7 to 11 for quarantine, and floors 2 to 6 for regular guests. Currently, the hotel houses nearly 80 foreign specialists and workers under quarantine. There are often two health workers and two hotel staff members who are on duty around the clock and also quarantined here in line with regulations. 

Covid-19 prevention and control, quarantine procedures, at hotels

Staff of Ravatel Inn guide guests how to wash their hands in order to prevent Covid-19.

Every day, the medical staff measure temperatures of those quarantined twice while the hotel staff provide them with three meals (morning, afternoon, and evening). Signboards featuring regulations on pandemic prevention and control in the rooms have been translated into English, Chinese and Korean. Nguyen Thi Hoa, manager of Ravatel Inn, said that there is a staircase for the service team, while meals and daily essentials are transported by elevator. The hotel arranges an interpreter to facilitate communication with the quarantined persons when needed.

Wang Zhong Wen (born in 1982) from Chongqing (China) - an expert working at PI Electronics Company based in the Van Trung Industrial Park (Viet Yen district), has been quarantined in the hotel since January 8, 2021. He said: "The doctors and hotel staff have paid attention to monitoring the health of the quarantined and provided all the best possible services for us. We feel very satisfied and strictly follow the quarantine regulations".

At the Huong Sen Hotel, there are currently 47 cases undergoing medical quarantine. Doctor Chu Vinh from the provincial Endocrinology Hospital, who has come here four times to alternately perform the task, said that in addition to monitoring the health and checking the body temperature for those quarantined, he also instructs and supervises the hotel staff’s compliance with regulations regarding transporting food and daily essentials, and contacting with people quarantined to ensure safety.

Staying vigilant

People entering the province over the past time are mainly Chinese and Korean professionals and workers coming to work in local enterprises. Since the beginning of 2020, nearly 5,200 foreign experts and workers have been provided with quarantine and health monitoring.

During the quarantine process, the provincial Department of Health has regularly inspected and worked with the managers of the hotels to ensure serious epidemic prevention and control. According to a representative of the department, there are about 500-700 foreign experts and workers entering Bac Giang each month. The health sector has arranged staff to welcome, disinfect and ensure anti-epidemic measures for them, while providing training for medical and hotel staff on quarantine procedures.

It is forecast that on this Lunar New Year holiday, many foreign workers will return home. In particular, in February and March 2021, the number of quarantined people may be higher than the last months of 2020 because Chinese experts will return to Bac Giang to work after the traditional holiday. Nguyen Thi Thu Huong, Deputy Director of the provincial Department of Health, said that in order to ensure the safety in Covid-19 prevention and control, including the management of quarantine activities at hotels, the department will continue to coordinate with relevant agencies, localities and units to strengthen inspection and supervision of management and quarantining of experts and technical workers entering the province. It will count foreigners who enter illegally for concentrated management and quarantine in line with regulations. The department will continue to propose the provincial People's Committee designate more hotels in a number of districts and cities as quarantine sites serving Covid-19 prevention and control; while directing specialized units to train hotel staff on pandemic prevention and control.

In addition to the above measures, it is necessary to continue to monitor and supervise cases after they complete medical quarantine at hotels.

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