Bac Giang makes efforts to ensure sufficient supply, stable market on Tet

Update: 19:20 | 19/12/2020

(BGO)- Lunar New Year (or Tet) is coming in nearly 2 months when there will be high shopping demands. This time, the provincial Department of Industry and Trade (DOIT) and enterprises have made plan to prepare and stock goods for Tet ensuring sufficient essential products with steady prices.

Commitment to stabilising prices

According to the competent agency, the consumption needs will increase by 10 to 15 percent on the New Year of the Buffalo 2021 compared to the same period last year. Hence, the DOIT is launching the businesses’ commitments to stabilizing prices to ensure consumers’ benefits.


Bac Giang, efforts, sufficient supply, stable market, on Tet

Tien Thanh Trade and Service Company Limited delivers goods to wholesalers in the province.

“The company has applied to take part in the market stablisation programme for all of our items. We will definitely not increase the prices before, during and after Tet. The company always imports qualified goods from prestigious firms across the country”, said Hoang Van Thao, Director of Tien Thanh Production, Trade and Service Company Limited in Song Khe – Noi Hoang industrial cluster, Bac Giang city.


From now till the end of this year, DOIT will join hands with the competent forces to inspect, supervise and prevent organizations and individuals who make use of high consumer demands to sell unqualified products”.

Tran Quang Tuan, Director of the provincial Department of Industry and Trade


Since early October 2020, the company has spent nearly 200 billion VND (8.6 million USD) to import goods, up 25 percent against previous year. The main items include confectionery, alcohol, soft drink, cooking oil and seasonings. However, they will not increase quantity of fresh milk. The company is arranging 35 trucks with loads from 2.5 to 7 tonnes, double those of the normal months, to deliver goods to the districts and city.

Since late November 2020, Big C Bac Giang supermarket in Bac Giang city has spent about 100 billion VND (4.3 million USD) to import Tet goods, most of which are made- in Vietnam products. All of the items are listed with clear prices. Big C is also launching some sale promotions for a number of products such as soft drink, seasonings and washing powder to stimulate consumer demands.

From now to Tet, the supermarket is applying many other promotions with clear prices while ensuring no price surge until 1 month after Tet.

Some cattle and poultry feeding, processing and trading facilities such as Tin Nhiem Cooperative (Bac Giang city), Hai Thinh Nutrition Company Limited (Hiep Hoa district), Yen The Green Agriculture Cooperative (Yen The district) and Lua Vang (golden rice) Agricultural Service Cooperative (Yen Dung district) also prepare commodities and take part in the price stabilisation programme with commitments not to suddenly increase prices.

Enhancing inspection and supervision

In order to help consumers choose products with clear origin and steady prices, DOIT has implemented some solutions to balance supply and demand and stabilise market in the end of the year and during Tet (the New Year of the Buffalo).

Ahead Tet, firms and traders in the province will prepare 1,870 tonns of rice and bean of all types, 2,474 tonnes of confectionery, sugar, jam, coffee and tea, 2,157 tonns of cooking oil, fish sauce and seasonings, 11,919 tonnes of meat and veggie and 90,000 m3 of petrol and others. The total value of Tet goods reaches nearly 3 trillion VND (129 million USD).

This year, all units, companies, big stores, supermarkets and traditional markets make management, production and business plans in case of Covid-19 outbreak for timely and proper response and ensuring sufficient commodities for consumers.

“In order to prevent Covid-19 outbreak, the supermarket arranges goods items into different ranges and areas to facilitate shopping. We will also prepare protective equipment and develop online selling system when the epidemic occurs”, said Ha Van Hung, Director of BigC Bac Giang.

Co.op Mart and VinMart also prepare human resources to run the online selling system in case of Covid-19 outbreak.

Dung Tien Trade and Service Company Limited and Tien Thanh Production, Trade and Service Company Limited reserve more products compared to last Tet because they worry about complicated developments of Covid-19. These goods are being kept in the warehouses.

According to Tran Quang Tan, DOIT’s Director, the department regularly urges and warns enterprises and cooperatives to well implement the Covid-19 prevention and control plan to ensure safety of shoppers and visitors.

They assigned personnel to supervise the market prices, supply and demand of goods and service especially necessities in the province to advise the department leaders solutions for market stabilisation to avoid supply and demand imbalance causing price surge. They will also collaborate with the localities to allow businesses to organize shipments to the remote areas and industrial zones.

From now till the end of this year, DOIT will join hands with the competent forces to inspect, supervise and prevent organizations and individuals who make use of high consumer demands to sell unqualified products.

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