Bac Giang strives to raise 50 billion VND in Action Month for the Poor

Update: 19:55 | 05/10/2020

(BGO) - The Fatherland Front’s Committee in the northern province of Bac Giang targets to call for donation up to 50 billion VND (2.1 million USD) across the province in the Action Month for the Poor in 2020 (from October 17 to November 18) and social welfare programme in 2021.

The officer, public servant, staff and labourer in the organization, armed forces, enterprises, public agencies are encouraged to donate at least one day salary or income while the business should mobilize a part of benefit to donate for the poor.

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Family of Duong Van Tuyn in Te village, Song Van commune, Tan Yen district receives the gift on the occasion of new house inauguration.

Currently, the Fatherland Front’s Committee at all levels are boosting up the communication campaign to all the people so as to complete the set target while reviewing to firmly grasp the number and demand of the poor, near poor families and households living in special difficult circumstances in the area to build the specific support plan.

All donations should be sent to the Officer of the Fatherland Front Committee in Bac Giang province at third floor, building B, provincial Inter-Agency Headquarter, 3-2 Square (Bac Giang city) or transferred to the bank account of the Fatherland Front Committee in Bac Giang province at 3761.0.1062613, code of target programme: 91046 at the provincial Treasury.

Organization and individuals accompany “Dream on the wings” programme 2020 for poor children
(BGO) – Promoting the achieved result in recent years, Bac Giang provincial Association for Protection of Children’s Rights (PACR), Bac Giang Newspaper and provincial Association of Study Encouragement are joining hands to actively prepare for the 5th “Dream on the wings” Programme in 2020. 
Poor girl wishes to stand upright just one time
(BGO) – Though Nguyen Thi Giao was born in 1987 as a normal girl in Cao Thuong town, Tan Yen district, Bac Giang Province, her body was deformed with the crooked back after a serious fever when she was 8 years old. For 25 years, Giao has dreamed of having her health checked to stand upright.
Doctors of poor people
(BGO) – Hoping to share the difficulties and burden of the poor, single and disabled people, many members of the Young Doctor Association in Bac Giang province have visited their houses to provide health examination, consultation and treatment.  
Poor family with sick child needs help
(BGO) - Tran Van Trung’s family in Tien Son village, Hop Duc commune, Tan Yen district, Bac Giang province face difficult circumstances. They have 3 children with congenital heart disease, 2 of them died and their daughter even suffers from polyarthritis.
Samsung Hope School fuels belief of poor children
(BGO) - Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee of Bac Giang province has decided to approve the project “Samsung Hope School” in Dinh Huong village, Thang town, Hiep Hoa district granted by Samsung Electronics Vietnam Company Limited (SEV) and Korean Food and Hungry International (KFHI). The people’s committee of Hiep Hoa district will act as owner of the aid package.

Khoi Nguyen

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